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It amazes me how ignorant and cruel people can be. I think it's hilarious how these petty little boys hide behind their computers, spending their time being nasty. But they would never say any of it to my face, because they are whimps. The internet attracts sick people and gives them a fake set of what they're lacking.

This site has thousands of registered users and yet there seems to be a small group that think they own the site and probably ruin it for everyone else. Get a life, assholes.

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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    You must understand that, for one example, your threatening to tell your local police department about what goes on here doesn't reflect well upon you.
  2. allisonbrie's Avatar
    I do not care. It started with filing a complaint about Mike. When I did so, they asked about other people. Posting on here for fun and making fun of people in a nice, funny way, and harassing them, saying totally cruel things to really hurt the person, are completely different things and not ok. If you have a problem with me, IGNORE ME AND DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE MY PRESENCE.
  3. dog$'s Avatar
    That's fine and all, but the point is that there is literally nothing the police can do about what is written here, nor anywhere on the Internet. If you honestly mentioned posts on this board, the only result is that you have undermined your report - at best, it has convinced those authorities that your complaint is not legitimate and therefore must be ignored.
  4. bbobb's Avatar
    If I ever meet you in person I would be more than happy to say everything I've said and more in person. You are obviously a worthless sack of shit who can only feel good about herself by stalking her ex-boyfriend to a forum on the internet and proceeding to be the LOOK AT ME girl on the internet.
  5. Finch's Avatar
    And yet everything said in this blog post is right on target. That's TNL for you.
  6. dog$'s Avatar
    I don't think the part about people not saying things directly to her face is very accurate.
  7. Korian's Avatar
    You guys been worked. logo