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Christmas Spirit

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The nicest thing about the Christmas season is that it's about the only time of year I get to see females who aren't complete hags.
98% of my customer base is male. The remaining 2% are either nerd emo girls who wear way too much make up and eat way too many Twilight emblazoned candy bars or they are haggard neighborhood moms with about a hundred miles of bad highway running down their hollow faces. I know there are hot moms out there, but they must all go to the mall locations 11 months out of the year.
The great thing about Christmas is that they sometimes are forced to come here because the other stores are out of something. The GREAT thing about this Christmas in particular is that the weather has been so mild that I'm seeing these fine female forms in relatively relaxed remnant.
I just had this broad in here who was looking for a Call of Duty T shirt, size medium please. She was plain in the face, but she had this green V neck sweater that plunged just deep enough to give a close up of her considerable cleavage. She wasn't all BAM IN YO' FACE. It wasn't slutty. It was more like, "Hey, these are really, really good. I know it. Have a peak and enjoy them. I know I do."
We only have a few stores that even carry licensed merchandise, but I called them all, even the ones that don't. I was in the presence of God's magnum opus of mammeries. I milked the moment for all it was worth. These tits were truly transcendental.

There. Not all of my blogs are negative bitch fests.

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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    I notice the same for my retail job.

    Mild Christmas = Women both in heels (no more accursed flip-flops) and titty-showcasing tops. It's like they're all whores. More so.
  2. Rated E's Avatar
    "Hey, these are really, really good. I know it. Have a peak and enjoy them. I know I do."
    I really liked that description.


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