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Arcade Appreciation #13 - Deadstorm Pirates

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The gun game genre isn't just about blasting everybody that gets in your face, it's also about compatibility. When you play a gun game with a friend, stranger, or loved one, you're cooperating with a common goal in mind. Many of the more recent entries in the genre(especially a series like the "Let's Go!..." games by Sega) grade you AND your partner. How well you do is intimately tied to how well the both of you work together. This may also carry deeper meaning. Perhaps you're out on a date and take a chance with this game at the local arcade. If the two of you don't survive maybe it's best not to pursue any sort of relationship. On the other hand the two of you could thoroughly trounce the game and may actually partners for life. Namco's Deadstorm Pirates is a gun game that follows this thought-process. You're a couple of pirates seeking treasure, but the undead, the elements, and some really ferocious beasts standing in your way.

Typically gun games involve shooting & reloading. DP dumps the reloading so the best advice for survival is to never let go of the fire button when the situation demands it. The situation changes frequently however so expect to use the "wheel" (spin the controller in a circular motion) to dodge numerous obstacles. Otherwise your biggest concern should always be the closet enemy. The scoring system is pretty simple to figure out as well. Basically keep combinations going as long as possible (enemies + objects destroyed) and dodge every obstacle at the last second for that coveted "Yo-Ho-Ho" bonus.

I like this game. It's not very difficult but it makes sense given the nature of the game. Anybody can figure this game out no matter their level of gaming expertise. The old man who is a neverending stream of advice and odd quips works greatly in context, where in other games he'd just be a massive annoyance. While the game is constantly changing goals and style of play it also maintains a very short length. Altogether it makes for a very smoothly paced game where nothing has time to get old. Yes it's shallow but it adds to its appeal.

Then again I could just be high on Deadstorm Pirates because earlier I played some House of the Dead: Overkill. I'm gonna go ahead and state that game is the worst in the HoTD series. Maybe some day I'll get into why.

Speaking review for HOTD3 & 4 is up on the main-page. Hurray

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