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Dragon's Logma - Volume 1

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This is the first of hopefully many updates where I discuss the Capcom Action-RPG, Dragon's Dogma.

I decided to start off as a Strider, which is basically an Archer as well as a Rogue. Unfortunately my...errh...Jennique's armor looks like she's saving the land in her pajamas at the moment. Still that hardly matters when I can easily dispatch adversaries with my bow and never-depleting quiver of arrows. The crew I've assembled consists of a Fighter, another Strider, and a Mage. The fighter is also my main pawn, who goes by the name of Gradriel. Her role is to attract the attention of monsters and keep them busy. The mage sticks to throwing around elemental boosts and occasionally zapping foes. The pawns also keep me updated on every little thing that is going on. It gets annoying at times but at least when I'm looking the other way somebody will mention if a goblin or a back of wolves is attacking.

What's interesting about Gradriel is that other players can summon her to assist them. That doesn't mean she runs off and leaves me alone, but whenever I rest at an inn she'll return with gifts that other players might have given her as thanks. It's a neat system even if most people aren't going to pay much attention to it. The other two characters in my party are pawns that I've summoned from other players. They don't level-up with me so every few levels I have to trade them out for new ones. While it is inconvenient it's also a creative way to keep players from sticking to the same handful of people. Also since pawns come with the skills their master has equipped them with, no two are alike. So if I ever come across a bad situation I can try swapping pawns around to better suit whatever it is I'm attempting.

So far we haven't done too much. The introductory quests are about what one would expect as they consist of tutorials and are fairly easy to solve. Other than that I've mainly been exploring and coming to grips with the combat system. The closest comparison I guess would be Dark Souls. It's clunky yet satisfying and enemies do heavy amounts of damage. Also this is one of the first games I've played where I actively fear the dark. When night-time sets in not only is it difficult to get around without a lantern but the enemies are much more dangerous and in the cases of humans, better-equipped as well. At least the punishment for death is fairly light. I just get kicked back to where I started the area, although I lose whatever equipment/experience I acquired before my death.

I guess that's enough for now. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next update. There will be new pictures, some new thoughts, and all that other good stuff.

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Updated 23 May 2012 at 06:17 AM by PepsimanVsJoe

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    Good stuff, sounds to me like a lot of fun.


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