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Dragon's Logma - Volume 2

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First off I should warn all readers that as this log progresses the spoilers will begin to pile up. If you're currently playing the game and don't want any surprises ruined I suggest that you may want to steer clear.

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Lately I've been running into more and more of the greater beasts that inhabit the land of Gransys. These adversaries are where Dragon Dogma's combat really comes into its own. The fiends tend to have multiple weaknesses. Also they can be scaled. Though Jennique can be thrown off and take heavy damage it's still a worthwhile idea as depending on where the attack is coming from it can really shut down the foe offensively. The chimera for example have three heads. The snake and the goat have their own abilities but by grabbing on and taking them apart all that's really left is the lion, who behaves like an overgrown kitty without his scaly and horny buddies. Still he's not something to be underestimated due to his great strength.

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As you can expect the cyclops' weakness is his eye. This one was armored but it didn't really mean much after a few hits. Ogres however are much more devastating. I had to defeat three of them in some mines and they're absolutely nasty when enraged. Thankfully the Strider has handy skills for getting away like Instant Reset and Mad Dash. Instant reset is basically an animation-cancel. No matter what I'm in the middle of doing this move will drop everything so I can regain control to do something else. Mad Dash isn't quite as interesting, as it's just a huge burst of speed to get away from danger. Striders also get access to a dodge-roll which is always nice, especially since it doesn't eat stamina. Ogres also have a disturbing fondness for eating women (men actually make them sick)...yeesh.

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Unlike Skyrim or some other open-world games all of the monsters are set at a fixed-level. While it's nice to not have to worry about every scaling to my strength that also means I'll run into monsters that are far beyond my abilities. I didn't stand a chance against this wyrm. I decided to go do other things for awhile and start learning how to use a Magick Archer. I'm at the capital now so I'm allowed to change vocations (classes). The Magick Archer is just one of a handful of hybrid classes that combine different vocations to create something better suited to more situations. While I lose the Strider's fine-aiming I can start casting a few spells to take advantage of elemental weaknesses.

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