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Dragon's Logma - Volume 3

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With Jennique's vocation being changed to Magick Archer I figured Gradriel was due for some change as well. Sword and board? More like Sword and Bored! Hohoho I'm a comedic genius! Anyway Gradriel is now a warrior and she just hits evil in the face with a very large hammer. Most of her skills now revolve around being able to shrug off damage to deliver mighty blows.

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I'm getting a lot less usage out of being able to cast spells than I thought. It doesn't really matter though because the archer abilities alone are worth it. This skill works like homing missiles and juggles them around. It's also devastating for monsters weak to ice like Saurians. Another favorite of mine hits foes with an exploding arrow that takes effect the next time they are struck by a physical attack. Smaller enemies such as humans can be thrown straight into the air. Most of the skills seem to have their own elemental attachment, so even if there isn't a mage casting buffs I can still take advantage of a few weaknesses.

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Part of the fun of exploration comes from all the surprises one is likely to discover. In the ruins of an old fortress I met the leader of a band of thieves. Apparently I made the right call creating a female main character because this lady wouldn't have talked to me at all if I was a man. She gave me a quest to defeat some rival bandits. I probably should have provided a picture of this battle but honestly it was more difficult making my way down to the areas they were controlling. The closest thing to a fast-travel function this game provides is known as a ferrystone. They're expensive and only transport the player back to the capital Gran Soren. It's convenient for when you want to go back and are struggling to survive at least.

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I'm not sure what the purpose of joining that lady's band is. I got a shiny trinket out of the deal but that doesn't stop me from getting attacked by her women. Also as you can tell a Chimera joined in the fun. The larger beasts are making far more frequent appearances, which balances out with the fact that it's taking me far less time to destroy them. Thankfully after awhile the bandits stopped making appearances so I guess someone finally got the message to leave me alone.

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Fighting at night tends to also different types of enemies. Around the ruins of the capital I run into Sorcerers, ghosts, and skeletons. I really like how these foes are animated, it gives them personality. It's like how the Lizardmen in Vagrant Story moved, as in they actually moved like lizards. Getting outnumbered also occurs frequently in this game but that just makes things more fun. One of my dagger skills causes a massive pillar of fire to burst from the ground, and it's so effective in crowds.

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