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Dragon's Logma - Volume 4

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What's interesting about some monsters is that they may be doing other things rather than waiting for you to fight them. This Griffin flies around the area looking for oxen to devour.

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Grappling onto beasts is risky, especially if they're capable of flying. If you run out of stamina you'll let go of them and if they've high in the air you're going to die. Still it can be very satisfying and no matter how hard you cause the creature to crash to the earth you'll be just fine. Also since Jennique is a heavier character she weighs down flying creatures. The Griffin's weakness is fire so he doesn't last very long.

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My plan is to spend time with every vocation. Here I'm putting the warrior to work and smashing everything with a large hammer. One of the important aspects of Jennique's vocation is that it determines her stat-bonuses when she levels up. Warriors are useful for their ability to shrug off damage and keep fighting. Naturally when they level they gain more HP than other classes. Most of my levels so far have been spent on Strider and Magick Archer, so I have a bit more stamina.

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Warriors don't have the awesome damage output of a Sorcerer but they make up for it by being able to use moves like this spinning attack to ground multiple foes at once. The most powerful spells require a long time to charge up, it's the warriors job to keep everyone occupied so that these spells can be performed.

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Oh and I killed a Drake. Sorry it looks a bit anti-climatic but we'll be seeing a lot more of him. This is mainly because there's a chance when these foes are defeated that a piece of equipment will become dragon-forged. Weapons and armor can be enhanced by certain merchants to boost their stats. Getting something dragon-forged improves it even further. It's not something I'm going to attempt to abuse because Drakes are pretty tough.

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