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More Hunts, More Thrills.

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I didn't hit up many places this week and I struck out at the few that I did.
I went to Oswego to check out the couple of pawn shops that I was aware of. I never have much luck out there which always struck me as odd. It's a college town. Students are always buying shit they can't afford and then selling it for pot. It should be a gold mine.

My luck did not change. I got a couple cheap psp and ds games cib, but all the older stuff was damn near non existent or way over priced for my intentions. I was bummed!
I did get a very mint Jumping Flash 2 from a thrift for $3. It's not really worth anything, but it's a rare occasion to come across a ps1 thrift find that isn't sports let alone not scratched to hell. I forgot to take a pic. I feel terrible about it. Please accept my deepest apologies.
So whilst I was making my way to the next stop, I made a wrong turn and found myself in front of a new game store called Infinite Lives.

As you can see, they are attempting to revive videogames. I didn't know that the multi billion dollar industry that videogames has become needed reviving. BUT APPARENTLY IT DOES! WHY WOULD THEY PUT IT ON THEIR SIGN IF IT DIDN'T?!
I went inside and a nerd customer was trying to get the nerd employee to give him $5 for a loose Snes jr and a loose Donkey Kong Country. The twist was that neither item worked. The customer was telling him that, hey, you may get in a nasty looking Snes that does work. This one is beautiful. You can switch the cases!

I actually got to talking with both gentlemen and they seemed like nice guys. In the midst of the conversation I found out the reason I never find anything classic out here. The customer told me that he has made arrangements with all the pawn shops. If they get stuff in and don't sell it quick enough or don't feel like ebaying it, he comes and buys it and then he ebays it all. FANTASTIC!
All in all, Infinite Lives seemed like every other indy shop I've been in lately. They follow Gamestop's ridiculous prices on used newer items and want the high end of the eBay spectrum for the classic stuff. So I need never walk in there again, and I've decided the same thing about Oswego as a whole. Enjoy it Mr. P. Milligan. It's all yours.

I spent around $25 and priced it out to $60. Barely worth the gas to drive there.

On Saturday I headed out to the flea market in Cheektowaga. I usually send a buddy of mine around the different vendors who set up outside in the parking lot as most of them know me by now and automatically up the prices when I ask about something. (It's not just paranoia. I've seen it happen). However, he decided visiting his imprisoned father was more important than working all day for me for free. THE NERVE!
So I threw caution to the wind and set out on my own!

Within minutes of venturing out into the parking lot I came across a guy with a box of nes games. He had Mario/Duck Hunt and both Zeldas at the top of the heap, and a bunch of stuff underneath. One of the games I saw in there was Faria. Oh-boy! I asked him how much the games were and he replied, "A buck a piece except for Mario and Zelda. Three bucks for them." I asked how much for all of them. He thought for a second and said, "$30." I didn't even bother counter offering. "I'll take them!" I should add that these games were not in the best cosmetic shape. I really wish I took a before pic. It was obvious that they came from a smoker's house. But a little windex takes that orange-ish brown crap right off. I wasn't too worried about it. This is them after an hour and a half of scrubbing.

I didn't realize how bad the glare on that last pic was. The games above Willow are the two Wizardrys, Xenophobe, and the two Zeldas.


While I was setting the games up, some jerk took it upon himself to touch and mix shit around when I was helping another customer. Can you find the game I missed and didn't put back in order? I hate, Hate, HATE assholes who think it's okay to rifle through shit and mess up what is obviously in some kind of order. I was taught that if I were to touch something I should ask the proprietor if it was okay first. WHY ISN'T THAT SMALL COURTESY TAUGHT ANYMORE? It's so maddening. Back to your irregularly scheduled rambling.

As you can see, there are some pretty decent uncommon games there, and I got them all for less than $.60 a piece.

Underneath all the Nes games were some SNES games. Castlevania IV was on the top of the stack. "Oh, I didn't see these. How much are the Super Nintendo games?"
"Two bucks."
"How much for all of them?" I started digging through them and saw a few choice titles. Before he could answer I said, "There's 14 games. Would you take $25?"
"Yeah, that's fine."
These weren't quite so dirty, thank God.

He had a couple of Genesis and N64 games that he brought out. "You interested in these?"
I looked them over. Nothing worth anything. "No, not really. Thanks anyway."
"Ah, you can have 'em anyway." He threw them in for free!

There were three more aisles of vendors. Nothing down the second aisle. I got a grey Zapper for $1 down the third aisle.
Would I find anything in the last aisle????????

Yes. A boxed Saturn. A nicely boxed saturn. It's not PERFECT. But for being over 15 years old, it taint too shabby.

It even still had some of the paperwork!

And finally, the unit itself:

Such a shiny black unit. Doesn't a unit like this just make your mouth water?!

So not counting the Saturn, I spent $56. I priced everything out to over TEN TIMES that. I will realistically make nine times what I spent. Like I've said before, if I can double my money, I'm satisfied. If I can triple it? OVERJOYED. When deals like this come along?

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