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The Rise and Fall of the Rude Owls

Work laziness

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Being that i'm the only employee where i work, sometimes i'm the only person actually at work. On most days, i go about what i'm supposed to do, interspersed with Facebook time and email time, and sometimes playing vidya games time.
There are also some days where work isn't particularly busy or i can't fill orders because of missing supplies, so i don't work as much and spend more time on doing things that aren't valuable at all. On these days, i reflect it by writing down "2 hour break" instead of the usual "30 minute break".
Today i refreshed my email repeatedly for an email that never came, i played Zelda Spirit Tracks and finally beat the volcano place, and i went to Chipotlé for another barbacoa burrito. I sure like those things.
Spirit Tracks is sort of lame. I don't really like it all that much.

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Tags: work


  1. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Doesn't sound like you are lazy, just that work is not busy enough for you.
  2. Dunlap's Avatar
    You could find something to do if you looked hard enough.
  3. Rated E's Avatar
    I wish I had a moment to sit down at work.
  4. Rated E's Avatar
    I like your tag cloud "tnl, chipotle, food, burritos, owls. "
  5. Finch's Avatar
    This is all stories for discussion encouragement. I actually have plenty to do, like punch paper, finish that massive order i need to finish by tomorrow, organize card boxes, clean the effing place up, fix the website so it charges the right shipping prices. There's a lot. It's just nice to have an off day.
    Once we finally get those new cards in, there will be even more to do, like finish the backlog of orders that's waiting for certain cards. Today will be busier.

    Also of note, someone has edited the tags! I'd like to be cute and make them again, but i feel it would negate someone's hard work.
  6. Rated E's Avatar
    Must be Nick trying to ruin everyone's fun again.
  7. Finch's Avatar
    Ugh. Yeuliang ruined my nice blog.

    Okay, so today was busy, but it's so effing hot here! I hate summer!


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