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LB log - 20120708

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19301114 18:06:37

The Elsey Grammar School gymnasium is a drab but roomy brick box, lined with a parquet wooden floor and visibly supported by trussed steal beams across the ceiling. Sound carried in it rather well, and Mrs. Olten's piano arpeggio cues carried a greater pronounced resonance with each repetition. The children on stage, who had spent several weeks in preparation for this event and had never been part of any sort of theatrics, remained frozen in place and darted their eyes around the hall in nervous uncertainty. The teacher finally raised from her position at the piano and mouthed the words "Where is she?" silently to the three children on stage. One of them - the Montague - demurely pointed stage left. She then turned to address the audience.
"Oh it seems someone may have some stage fright, please excuse me." There was some sporatic laughter from the parents in attendance, which gave way to strands of hushed whispers.
Mrs. Olten was ready to race up the set of stairs leading up to the stage, but stopped short when she saw Helen Allegra standing there with her arms crossed and a marked scowl.
"Helen, did you hear my cue? You were supposed to go on stage by now."
"But it's all wrong!" When Helen said this, she ended the sentence with a forced pause and increase in volume.
"What is?"
Helen defiantly pointed towards the stage, identifying one issue after the next.
"Billy's supposed to be over there, Mary's supposed to be there too, and they're both supposed to be off to the side, and Tommy isn't standing on the X that you shown us, and," in saying this, Helen turned to Mrs. Otlen with a hand on her chest, giving another dramatic voice to the word, "my balcony isn't in the middle like you said it would be. It's all wrong. Fix it. You need to fix it, Misses Olten. It's all wrong! Fix it!" With the dramatic finish to the command, she rubbed her fists under her eyes and smeared her tears over her cheeks.
"Oh, Helen, honey ... look. Don't you remember the First Rule I said, when we do a special play like now? Do you remember?"
"'Do Your Part'." She refused to look up from the floor, and spoke barely louder than a breath.
"Right. Do your part. What you need to do," Mrs. Olten knelt down and placed her hands on Helen's shoulders, then peered into her eyes, "What you need to do now, Helen, is do your part. You can't do their part. They're doing their part. Even if it's bad. They're trying to do their part. Now you need to do yours too, OK?"
"But ... but it's not fair! It's still bad! It's still wrong!"
"OK, and ... it will be more wrong if you stay here, Helen. There is no show without you, after all."
Helen's heavy breathing came to a sudden stop, and she stepped back to look directly at Mrs. Olten.
"Well, of course, Helen. You're Juliet, after all. There's no Romeo and Juliet without Juliet, right?"
Helen smiled warmly, then said, "This is my play."
"It's our play, Helen, yes. And we need you to do your part, now."
"You need me now."
"Right, Helen."
Helen looked around the stage and nodded pensively, still sporting the wide smile on her face. "OK, Mrs. Olten, I'm ready now."
"Good!" Mrs. Olten turned and promptly walked back to her piano, her eyebrows raised in thinking about Helen's response to the conversation.
It didn't matter now. Without addressing the audience again, she sat down to the piano, played the fanfare once more, and Helen proudly walked over to the stepstool behind the cardboard depiction of a castle balcony. Helen recited the famous quote with excessive dramatic flair. Romeo kissed the air in front of Helen's face, then told the audience that parting is such sweet sorrow before walking off stage to the right. The curtain closed, and the other classes subsequently took their turns in making short presentations. Each performance was met with warm reception and applause. When the full class was on stage at the end of the night, with the parents standing and cheering loudly for all of the children, Helen broke away from her position amongst the other First Graders and stood center stage in front of everyone else. She blew kisses to the audience, some of whom in turn cheered more vociferously with her flourish. Helen turned to look back at her class group, and saw the other children bearing the same nervous postures and Mrs. Olten looking at her very sternly.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
D @			52.38 C		1601.F	560.481.314.62.250	0120				2012-07-08T23:41:52:964Z
					0176-				0015-

罠 @			65.68 B		1587.F	608.371.146.16.124	0112				2012-07-08T23:44:57:317Z
					0112-				0028-

destiny sword @		48.86 C		1510.F	540.430.339.63.294	0115				2012-07-08T23:47:33:373Z
					0111-				0005+

car of your dreams @	65.82 B		1834.F	703.428.183.34.133	0145	1393	0734	094.89	2012-07-08T23:50:48:477Z
			01.40+		0039+	6+27+19-11+18+		0025+				2012-06-21T02:01:09:023Z

several words @		42.22 D		1672.F	577.518.431.181.649	0055	1980	1108	078.70	2012-07-08T23:54:46:956Z
			02.78+		0110+	48+14+54-11-34-		0001+				2012-04-26T04:51:12:714Z

schlagwerk @		56.70 B		1251.F	458.335.201.23.138	0164				2012-07-08T23:58:56:461Z
					0091-				0003+	

beginning of life mix @	43.03 D		1199.F	404.391.287.89.400	0064				2012-07-09T00:01:11:660Z
					0099-				0143-

bring her down @	57.18 B		1456.F	545.366.239.35.163	0158	1273	1010	026.03	2012-07-09T00:06:01:172Z
			01.47+		0014+	14+14-27-3-22-		0039+				2012-03-26T00:53:17:652Z

fake time @		57.30 B		1482.F	515.452.196.40.178	0202				2012-07-09T00:09:50:680Z
					0065-				0034-

fascination maxx @	40.80 D		1376.F	466.444.437.91.418	0069				2012-07-09T00:12:26:915Z
					0226-				0029-

sidechained threats @	35.12 D		1663.F	568.527.605.206.820	0030	2367	1526	055.11	2012-07-09T00:15:59:243Z
			00.25+		0014+	8+2-27-15+46+		0005+				2012-05-01T02:12:10:611Z

canon blazing summer @	46.85 C		2234.F	831.572.409.216.681	0057				2012-07-09T00:20:07:620Z
					0365-				0017-

scharfrichter @		46.11 C		1828.F	664.500.452.119.471	0066				2012-07-09T00:26:22:740Z
					0081-				0007+

rush hour @		40.68 D		2292.F	810.672.664.219.991	0072				2012-07-09T00:30:19:027Z
					0346-				0016+

dazzlin darlin mix @	48.63 C		1606.F	610.386.348.134.388	0071				2012-07-09T00:44:08:898Z
					0279-				0075-
Interesting mix of songs appeared today, and play overall felt pretty good. Seems like I have the sensation of my keys being a little looser or mushier somehow. I never did any of the methods people mention to soften new Sanwas and have played them as normal from the beginning. As of today I have played 3000 songs on LunarBeat, according to the statistic counter on the main menu. Once again, though, a pronounced slide came after some time and I felt compelled to cut things off before it became worse.

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