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Obama is a giant vagina.

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Barack Obama is a pragmatist, and there is nothing wrong with that. There was joke made by Stephen Colbert at his infamous White House Correspondents Dinner gig that George Bush "believes the same thing Wednesday that he believed on Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday", which is true of Republicans in general lately and that is a shitty way to govern. Supply side economics and a free market where the only regulation is 'caveat emptor' has failed over and over again and conservatives still act like it is the only thing that can save us from the current joblessness and despair (which it also happened to have caused).

Still, at least these retarded motherfuckers have some conviction. Obama read in the papers last week that he wasn't showing enough emotion. He immediately scheduled a nationally televised press conference to express his anger at BP, cried about Republicans stalling legislation on his weekly address and flew General Stanley MacChrystal to the White House for a cage match private meeting because he heard that MacChrystal was talking shit about him in Rolling Stone, the same magazine that currently has Lady Gaga on the cover in a bra made from machine guns. Fucking get over it Obama.

I wish this was a one time thing, but it isn't. Obama has playing public opinion whack-a-mole since he took office. He heard that energy plan sucked, so he decided to appease some conservatives and announced on April 1st that he was going to expand offshore drilling. Eighteen days later the largest oil spill in U.S. history happened. Oops! So Obama decided that in addition to not supporting the drilling expansion he announced under three weeks earlier, he wanted a moratorium on ALL offshore drilling.

I guess it's too much to ask that a President have an actual static opinion on something. Instead, they surf the waves of populism and outcry and visit Ohio about ten fucking times a year and hope that is enough to get them re-elected. The sad part is that it works. I guess people like being pandered to.

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  1. kingoffighters's Avatar
    And here I thought Michelle is the one with giant vagina.
  2. Finch's Avatar
    And here i thought i was going to reply, "NO YORE STUPID!"
    but you're absolutely right. Obama's falling into the part of being a pandering butt puppet to the Democratic party way too easily. I'm not tired of incumbents, i'm tired of this "REPUBLICANS BAD! THEY IS THE PARTY OF NO!" bullshit that i thought he wanted to be done with. Hey guy, just do what Bush did and say fuck all to the haters. I thought you'd rather be a good 1 term president and all.
    The McCrystal thing's a little different though. If i was publicly calling my boss a stupid idiot, or even making fun of his name on record, my ass is getting kicked. I'd think worse about my boss if my ass didn't get kicked for it.
    Also my boss is awesome, <3 <3 <3 my boss a whole lot.
  3. Joust Williams's Avatar
    flip flopper
  4. Drewbacca's Avatar
    When Obama said moratorium on off-shore drilling it didn't include BP in that, either. BP essentially had a limited monopoly on drilling from the advent of the offshore explosion until today. I say limited monopoly because other companies weren't barred from drilling altogether. Their quotas were slashed 80% and sometimes 90% across the horizon.

    I am not against regulation by any means. I personally think limited government surveillance and testing on big industry like oil, agriculture and border security is warranted and completely legitimate. But there should be due process for why regulation is in place.

    I'll give you a recent analogy I saw on the Penn & Teller show Bullshit! about the Fast Food Industry. A couple of groups are very vocal about the taxation of fast food. They believe that doing this will make families stop eating so much shitty food. The problem with this is that meals from many non-fast food restaurants ("nice restaurants") often have just as much caloric intake, if not MORE, than the average fast food meal. So 1) you're not solving the issue of healthy eating. You're forcing people to go elsewhere and 2) in a free society why is the government encouraging any kind of behaviour other than responsibility and the transparency of facts to help consumers make good decisions? Legislation to make the menu's calories prominently displayed is a great idea. It puts the facts front and centre for those who care. Government should never be allowed to tell you and your community you can't have Burger King, and should only eat at salad bars. That is a seriously dangerous slope.

    Adding a tax to soda for the expressed interest of making people not order it because it's bad for you? Bad, and downright evil considering the government already uses your tax payer dollars to subsidize the high fructose corn bi-product to make the sweetener in these beverages cheap. If government stopped subsidizing corn producers to make so much that it's demand and commodity is artificially inflated the soda would be less expensive, anyway, and you'd be paying less tax in the first place.

    So it's a balance. And you're spot on that Obama is playing a popularity game with his celebrity.

    Also according to CNN the General himself isn't even that inflammatory of Obama. He refers to Joe Biden as Joe Bite-me or something. Everything else is his staff. Do you think firing and replacing the general for this will divide the military or unite it? Quite frankly what Obama should do is point out that McChrystal has been a consistent partner in performance in Afghanistan, and until his performance declines he'll be allowed to do his job. In the end isn't that what trust is? Doing what you'll say you'll do through action? You're never ever going to quell all dissent and vocal opposition. To try is simply not very American-like.
    Updated 22 Jun 2010 at 09:43 PM by Drewbacca
  5. FirstBlood's Avatar
    I hear that politics are for homosexuals

  6. Josh's Avatar
    ITB: we express outrage when politicians act like politicians.
  7. Fe 26's Avatar
    lol at people getting upset over a man changing his mind. This is how fundy Christians stay in power. People confuse a person who always thinks the same thing, for a person that knows what to do.

    Maybe "asshole" me should run for office. Maybe my hardheadedness will be seen as "dedication" and "strength"
  8. Drewbacca's Avatar
    Nobody is expressing outrage. Nobody is involved with issues and there is little accountability in politics in the modern age in North America. That's the problem. It takes a country going bankrupt like Greece before people actually do something.

    And Ironplant I don't think anybody is saying Obama should never change his mind. But at the same time there is a balance. For Obama, at least recently, it seems whatever the small vocal segment of public want he spoons them.
  9. Fe 26's Avatar
    Like who?
  10. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    you're pretty much a racist.


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