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Raiders of the Lost Ark

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After a failed attempt on Sunday with both GohanX and Vasteel (what kind of retail store is closed on Sunday?), I, along with Vasteel, returned to Greensboro to raid the Lost Ark.

They have Famicom games in two places. There are maybe a dozen games, some loose and some complete, in a glass case with the other imports for Mega Drive, Super Famicom, Saturn, PS1, PS2, etc. And then there is a bin of loose games behind the counter (thank GohanX for this tip).

The prices were all over the place. A loose Transformers: Mystery of Convoy was almost $30 in the case for example. A complete Mad City (Adventures of Bayou Billy) was almost $40. However, there was a loose Wanpaku Dakku Yume Bōken (Duck Tales) for $7. The games in the bin seemed to be $5 or less each.

We went through the bin multiple times to ensure we didn't miss anything. Only two cartridges caught our eyes in there. The first was Kage no Densetsu (Legend of Kage), a port of Taito's classic arcade action game. The second we first thought may have been Dengeki Big Bang (Clash at Demonhead). Thankfully, I was prepared with my want list, which now numbers 112, on Google Docs, so I pulled out my phone and was reminded that Dengeki Big Bang was a Vic Tokai release, and the game at which we were staring was published by Nintendo. Its catalog number was not on my want list, so I put it back in the bin.

After spending quite a while in the store playing their selection of classic arcade and pinball games, such as Golden Axe: The Return of Death Adder, Battle Garegga, Dolphin Blue, Afterburner II, and Tales from the Crypt pinball, we checked out. I had decided on just two loose carts: Kage no Densetsu and Wanpaku Dakku Yume Bōken for a total of $12 plus tax:

After a stop at a Mexican restaurant down the road and the hour-plus drive back to Durham, we tested both games to ensure they worked and then remember the mystery game from Lost Ark. I recalled that it was a blue cartridge, so I pulled up a couple large sales threads on forums, and Vasteel and I scanned their inventories. We found it: Gina no Sannin. A quick Google search led us to the Wikipedia page of The Earth Fighter Rayieza. Apparently, the Famicom game was a port developed by Nintendo of an Enix game originally released on various Japanese computers. It was a sci fi RPG that looked really good, making me wish it had been translated and released on the NES. Another interesting note was this:

Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The game's background music was composed by Yukihiro Takahashi, drummer and vocalist of Japanese electropop band Yellow Magic Orchestra, who included an arranged version of "Rydeen" as the battle theme.
The name meant more to Vasteel than to me, but upon watching a YouTube video, the quality of the music was unmistakable:

With this mystery solved, our initial raid of the Lost Ark had come to its conclusion, and my Famicom collection of games in hand now stood at two of the 112 on my want list. Those games will be the basis for my next entries.
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  1. GohanX's Avatar
    I eyed that Ducktales last time I was there, but passed since I had bought the NES version there on a previous trip. That game is so good, even to this day. I hate that I missed the trip.


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