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LB log - 20120823

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Woke up to the smell of freshly baked cookies, one of which my wife held right under my nose. I was dreaming about something involving rearranging magazines on the highest portion of a bookshelf, so the sudden smell confused me greatly as I snapped out of that. Within a short amount of time I had to take my mother-in-law's care to the family mechanic in order to look into a Check Light issue. The car ran fine from then until now so we suspected it wasn't anything major, and our suspicions were confirmed when they called back within hours to tell us that the issue was a sensor to replace. Another hour transpired, and they called again to tell us it was fixed. $120. Reclaimed afterwards. With those two trips, cooking dinner, playing songs, and exercising, I have little else tos how for today. I haven't gotten any tax work done at all, and I should only put a few lines down for story. I have to be in bed by 2AM at the latest to prepare for retail work tomorrow. I got a haircut yesterday, with a new stylist, and it took her a fair amount of time to cut my hair, and she left more of it behind than I had repeatedly specified. I didn't want to pester her about it extensively because I could feel her hands slightly trembling as she handled my hair in the cut. Her body is very wiry and thin, and between that physical action and her voice, I am suspect as to her mental state. There's been a lot of time spent on my three days off doing little things which shouldn't take too much time, but in retrospect add up quickly to suck out the entirety of the day.

Time. Someone give me more time, please.


(NB: I will need to revise the Cook reminiscence post which I wrote previously to address that Daron took the horse with him to Baltimore so that he could travel there faster and have a horse to use for transporting the supplies upon return.)

18351016 15:48:11

Jesse saw the horse drawing cart from nearly a half of a mile away, but didn't know for sure that it was Daron returning until he was able to make out the horse's brown hair that he knew it to be Randall. What confused him more was that he was able to discern two men seated in the carriage as it approached. The other man was bulkier and sat at a taller height than Daron in comparison. Rather than wait for them to approach, he began to run towards them when they were nearby. After being alone for so long, he was desperate to see another person.
"Hold on, Jesse, hold on." Daron yelled the command loudly to carry the voice over the squeaking wooden wheels of the carriage. "We're bringin this to the house." Jesse nodded and walked along the side of the carriage as they approached the front walkway to the charred remains of the house. Daron snapped the reins and Randal stopped immediately, then tossed his head side to side with a rough sigh as it was finally allowed to stop. The two men descended from opposite sides. Jesse ran to Daron and wrapped his arms around him.
"Praise God for your return, Misser Daron. It has been awful out here alone."
"I don't doubt it, and I am as thankful that you stayed to keep this place. I take it you're hungry?"
"Oh, starving, Misser Daron." When Jesse said this, he released his grip from Daron and made a point to rub his belly with both hands. "I feel like I can eat dirt, no lie."
By this point, the other man had walked around Randal from the side and stood before the both of them. He folded his hands under his stomach and stood still while staring at them.
"Jesse, this is Mister Whitney Poole. He heard of our plight when I was in Baltimore and decided to assist us here, with intent to remain and establish himself here."
"Nice to meet you, Jesse." Whitney extended a hand for Jesse to shake, which he did promptly. Jesse noticed that his voice was a lower timbre than Daron and his pace of speech was slower.
"Well," said Daron, "among the goods we have brought is some dried meat and a tent, so I think we should see to making it before night falls. Cmere and take the stuff, Jesse."
Jesse obliged and walked with Daron at his side as the pair went to the side of the wagon to get the tent and some other supplies. Jesse noticed that as they did so, Whitney remained in place and looked around at the entire area, inspecting the remains of the house and barn, and studying the surroundings. He wondered why he didn't volunteer to help acquire the supplies.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
shake @			63.59 B		0407.P		0073	0320	0320	0	2012-08-23T22:54:02:927Z

angel wing @		30.92 E		2157.F	695.767.1009.355.1273	0052	3488			2012-08-23T22:59:05:631Z

entrance @		55.78 B		1417.F	490.437.263.21.125	0134	1270			2012-08-23T23:03:20:815Z

breath @		55.60 B		1509.F	593.323.243.44.294	0154	1357			2012-08-23T23:06:05:463Z

IIDX @			71.27 A		0784.P		0211	0550			2012-08-23T23:10:23:295Z

red rize B172 mix @	38.09 D		1949.F	655.639.658.284.915	0046	2558			2012-08-23T23:15:02:999Z

bounce bounce bounce @	50.44 C		1794.F	650.494.312.75.447	0079	1778			2012-08-23T23:19:51:446Z

ピアノ "蠍火" ピンク色 @	29.34 E		2658.F	860.938.1327.487.1986	0060	4529	2658	070.39	2012-08-23T23:25:55:238Z
			03.70+		0335+	115+105+124-86-195+	0001+				2012-05-29T01:32:29:407Z

breeding @		68.78 A		1377.F	615.345.98.10.61	0240	1001			2012-08-23T23:31:03:559Z

blown my heart away @	67.23 A		1502.P	560.382.136.7.64	0151	1117	0695	060.71	2012-08-23T23:37:01:206Z
			03.83+		0064+	53+42-36-2-8-		0060-				2012-03-27T23:38:29:318Z

replay @		50.36 C		2061.F	752.557.449.93.361	0134	2046	1505	035.94	2012-08-23T23:45:38:311Z
			01.46+		0060+	56+52-31-2-1-		0010-				2012-05-01T01:40:33:643Z

is this love? @		74.03 A		0650.P		0151	0439			2012-08-23T23:50:52:719Z

the big voyager @	65.67 B		1144.F	439.	0233	0871			2012-08-23T23:55:29:071Z

gymnopedie 009 @	66.69 A		1530.F	563.404.132.13.78	0177	1147			2012-08-23T23:59:38:463Z

zenius I vanisher @	49.68 C		1890.F	700.490.377.118.468	0154	1902	1207	057.58	2012-08-24T00:03:08:798Z
			03.68+		0140+	65+10+51-12-70-		0032-				2012-06-12T01:08:16:476Z

虹色 @			50.53 C		1709.F	636.437.339.114.417	0074	1691			2012-08-24T00:08:28:263Z
Only until sitting down now do I see that I have -172 on the song titled "Red Rize B172 Mix". Cute. And yes, that is a fail for Big Voyager, as I just hit 78% with the last notes after getting sunk by bad scratch chords in the mid climax of the song. Oh well.

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