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LB log - 20120824

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18970623 22:18:40

Carolina Leicht was the first to notice the strange noises coming from down the hall. There were unfamiliar voices, and the volume was loud enough to carry over the sewing machines which she and her husband Simon were hunched over. Neither of them nor their son Freiderich were interrupted by the noises to incur so much as a moment's pause in the operation as it neared the final hour which they would normally allow themselves to work. While running the dark fabric through the flying needle as it deftly threaded the seam which she held at both sides, she idly wondered who the stranger nearby could be. There wasn't any forewarning and there hasn't been any sort of loud screaming or altercation, so it wouldn't be any sort of Health Inspector, and it wasn't the landlord either. Deliveries wouldn't be requested at this hour, and she didn't recall anyone new undertaking that task in several days. She spaced for a moment on the latest boy's name - William came to mind. That should be it. He seemed a nice boy, whatever his name was. But anyway, who was down there? There was no good reason for anyone unfamiliar to be in this apartment at this hour. Then she heard footsteps approach their room. There were two sets of steps coming near them. Soon, a small middle aged man stood in the opened doorway and addressed them in their native Yiddish.
"Can we take a picture of this room?"
A picture? Here? Now? How is that possible? There wasn't any camera equipment being lugged around which she could see. Regardless, she had nothing to hide and knew neither person standing nearby as anyone important, so she instinctively said yes without wanting to debate or discuss the request. The three Leichts remained motionless for the brief moment while the second man, taller than the first who spoke, came from behind and held out a small box into the open area with one hand and a small tube with the other. Suddenly, the tube shot out a puff of light which pierced their eyes and caused all three of them to vocally express their shock. Carolina blinked several times and started to panic while her vision slowly returned. The last hour was drawing to a close and this was time being wasted. The shorter man spoke again.
"The gentleman would like to know how much your family is earning for your work. Would you be willing to tell us about what you do?"
Her confusion increased with the question. She had no idea why any of this was happening, and became as irritated as she was perplexed with the intrusion into her work as it was being delayed.
"Is he, are you the police? Do you work for the city?"
"No, madam. He is documenting the lifestyle of people like you for journalistic purposes."
"Us? Why us? What does he care about us? What's important to see here?"
"He wants to investigate the conditions of the workers like you. He would like to ask questions about your work and lifestyle from it."
Carolina was not satisfied with the response. She saw no reason why someone would want to be here to take pictures of her room and her work area. It made no sense. Something didn't seem right. She responded with finality after a moment's contemplation.
"If he has questions, he can ask my boss Stanley. He should know that we are going to sleep soon and we need to keep working until we do. I have nothing further to say."
The man nodded and mumbled some words to the other man in words she knew to be English. The taller man then nodded with his hat tipped and a smile, and turned away without further action. The shorter man spoke before following him.
"Sorry to have bothered you, madam. Thank you for allowing us to take the photograph. Please have a good night."
As the two walked away, Simon resumed his sewing and their son resumed the folding of the finished garments. Carolina remained still as she watched them walk away.
"I wonder what that was all about." Her husband asked the question with a tone of indifference.
"I haven't the slightest idea - but I think I should tell Stanley what has just happened. Something isn't right."

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
be ok @			29.91 E		1477.F	466.545.818.246.903	0035	2469			2012-08-24T23:13:47:008Z

spica @			46.47 C		1331.F	453.425.360.55.299	0069	1432			2012-08-24T23:16:53:920Z

extinction & repr @	27.99 E		1405.F	452.501.840.259.934	0077	2511			2012-08-24T23:19:59:649Z

the sound of goodbye @	66.25 B		1247.P	464.319.130.6.46	0150	0941	0668	040.86	2012-08-24T23:23:08:736Z
			05.80+		0085+	66+47-40-1+2-		0190-				2012-03-27T01:17:35:631Z

ki se ki @		66.34 B		1319.F	488.343.136.4.48	0120	0994			2012-08-24T23:26:54:816Z

play back hate you @	40.18 D		1491.F	497.497.533.109.409	0053	1855			2012-08-24T23:33:41:961Z

new york @		73.78 A		1185.P	466.		0376	0803	0792	001.38	2012-08-24T23:36:36:976Z

starmine 1152 @		60.24 B		1388.F	502.384.181.16.146	0072	1152	1098	004.91	2012-08-24T23:42:46:440Z
			08.90+		0205+	102+1+80-0+7-		0014-				2012-07-29T23:50:03:738Z

breeding @		71.97 A		1441.P	561.319.94.8.36		0248	1001			2012-08-24T23:46:04:080Z

Kick Out 仮面 @		59.28 B		2317.F	895.527.229.108.488	0153	1954	1356	044.10	2012-08-24T23:52:17:151Z
			00.92+		0036+	61+86-26-21+81+		0018+				2012-04-16T01:34:06:448Z

the limbo @		33.93 D		1587.F	527.533.604.266.911	0149	2338	1618	044.49	2012-08-24T23:56:43:720Z
			00.02+		0001+	21+41-56+14-35+		0065+				2012-04-27T01:08:42:213Z

secrets @		30.48 E		1623.F	525.573.802.248.1041	0063	2662			2012-08-25T00:00:21:304Z

瑠璃色小箱 @		46.47 C		1712.F	602.508.332.118.445	0053	1842	1546	019.14	2012-08-25T00:05:32:872Z
			03.24+		0123+	31+61+86-10+0+		0022-				2012-06-04T02:02:55:752Z

ミッドナイト堕天使 A14 @	51.94 C		1763.F	640.483.359.98.312	0077	1697	1123	051.11	2012-08-25T00:10:53:407Z

lights @		66.84 A		1401.P	531.339.143.7.56	0140	1048			2012-08-25T00:16:07:887Z
Not a bad day, no tremendously awful plays here. After seeing so many -500s and the -1000 which will long linger in my head, seeing -300s doesn't strike me as bad lately. Just record the score and move on to the next, because it is done and the next will likely not be as bad. This is the case with very high frequency. Trio of songs to start is a hell of a way to get the ball rolling. I can't even recall the last time I played Be OK.

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