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LB log - 20120825

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Hay fever is bothering me really bad throughout last night and continuing into today. When I was a child, I remember suffering much more from it, and having fits of sneezing in classes which would last for hours. I also remember never having enough Kleenex on hand to take care of my nose. Yes, nose. Presently, I seem to have only concentrated fits which last a few days, so I'm hoping that the trend continues and that this will pass. In the meantime, I am rather prone to fits of sneezing and can't concentrate on anything.

This would be a chance for me to parlay this kind of topic and discussion into an ES draft entry, but that's just too easy isn't it.

Meanwhile I believe I have an appointment to keep, so I shall do so instead, rather than pretend to have enough inspiration to blurt a few lines out.

I hope I have enough energy and willpower to exercise tonight.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
saber wing @		21.45 F		1018.F	307.404.914.250.893	0040	2372			2012-08-25T23:33:16:106Z

dancenow @		30.05 E		1216.F	389.438.738.151.567	0056	2023			2012-08-25T23:39:18:794Z

シティ・エンジェル @	34.92 D		1291.F	429.433.608.145.526	0046	1848			2012-08-25T23:49:42:457Z

sana molette ne ente @	62.97 B		0869.P	307.	0151	0690			2012-08-25T23:54:43:250Z

anisakis @		34.28 D		1582.F	564.454.673.234.921	0184	2307			2012-08-26T00:06:40:728Z

promise for life @	75.90 A		1503.P	587.329.57.4.17		0212	0990			2012-08-26T00:10:56:473Z

vj army @		58.47 B		1435.F	527.381.260.11.88	0089	1227			2012-08-26T00:16:39:713Z

destiny @		70.70 A		1277.P	503.		0260	0903			2012-08-26T00:33:51:744Z

zero one @		46.12 C		1415.F	481.453.375.72.339	0068	1534	0874	075.51	2012-08-26T00:36:56:768Z

prelude @		68.32 A		1387.P	532.323.138.7.36	0148	1015			2012-08-26T00:42:50:202Z

please dont give up @	41.03 D		1958.F	672.614.639.156.548	0118	2386			2012-08-26T00:48:08:040Z

yellow head joe @	35.41 D		1284.F	401.482.559.106.529	0108	1813			2012-08-26T00:54:53:714Z

remember me @		68.75 A		1078.P	414.	0172	0784	0784	0	2012-08-26T00:59:42:682Z
			01.71+		0008+	18+28-13-4-7+		0046-				2012-03-27T00:42:10:470Z
Yup, no surprises here in light of my health for today. I don't understand why I didn't have a score recorded for Zero One at all. Surely I played the H14 of it once? Maybe only on LR2 I guess? Oh well. I also am not sure but I think I passed VJ Army the first play, if not subsequently, so that's always a disappointment. Seemed like my headphones were starting to crackle a lot towards the end so I turned the volume down to 34/50, where the usual 36 I had with it is down from 38 that I used to set it at months ago until it became too problematic. By the time I had the marginal increase with Remember Me, I was already pretty much ready to be done with the day but tried for one more song since I had just earned that increase, and then the game crashed. Fair enough.

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