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LB log - 20120829

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18970625 12:38:17

Momence stood next to one of the chairs which the secretary offered for him to sit in while he heard his arrival being told to the auditorium's manager, Martin Leasar. The friction of his chair against the parquet floor inside echoed into the hall before he saw Mr. Leasar lean out from the doorway and wave him over to approach.
"Please! Please come in, Richard."
As he approached the doorway, Martin held his hand out to him while speaking to secretary, whom Momence didn't recognize.
"Dottie, this is Richard. Any time he comes here asking for me, you bring him to me immediately. Okay honey?"
"Sure, boss. Nice to meet you, Mister Richard..."
"Just Rick is fine." Momence said this with a smile and taking her hand to shake.
Dottie quickly withdrew from the room and shut the door with a swift slam behind her. The noise caused Momence to stare at the door with a blink.
"She needs to get some grace about her, I say. Anyway, this is unexpected! I Would have told her to look out for you if I knew you were coming. Sit, sit."
"I would, but I am busy and just need to convey this message to you directly. I understand that you just recently starting having presentations by a person named Ryan Bojack."
"Oh, him, yeah. Just did his first show last week. Brings in his own lantern and talks about those bums and whores by the factories. It's all for shock and show."
"Right. You are to disallow him from making those presentations here."
Martin stared at Momence in contemplative response. He found it seem curious for it to apply specifically to this one individual and his show.
"Really? I mean, he did draw a decent crowd for it. Did you...", Martin now leaned forward in his chair and spoke in a reduced volume, asking, "did you want a direct taste from his pull instead? Would that be good?"
"No. He cannot make that presentation here. At all."
Momence issued the command with cold rigidity and an unwavering stare. The motive for him not sitting down was clear to Martin at this point. This wasn't something to be negotiated or discussed. This was an order to be followed.
"OK, Rick. OK. I'll tell him."
"Good. See you Tuesday."
"Yeah, will do." Martin's voice was timid and soft when saying this.
Momence immediately took leave of the room and closed the door gently after he stepped out.
"See you Tuesday, Miss Dottie." As he said this to her, he continued walking on and didn't stop to look back at her as she filed her fingernails and hummed softly to herself.
"Oh, see ya later Just Rick." Dottie said this cheerfully, but the features on her face turned dour as he left the room without so much as acknowledging her beyond that.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
the dirty of loudness @	35.21 D		1332.F	443.446.560.158.656	0045	1891			2012-08-29T22:30:09:325Z

one of a kind @		45.03 C		1659.F	596.521.518.88.324	0056	1842			2012-08-29T22:33:02:046Z

jelly kiss @		70.01 A		0955.P	377.		0122	0682			2012-08-29T22:35:32:654Z

shine on @		74.42 A		0902.P	347.		0122	0606	0602	0	2012-08-29T22:38:40:742Z

saffron beach driving @	60.00 B		1937.F	724.489.237.64.293	0063	1614			2012-08-29T22:41:44:365Z

tonight? @		74.81 A		1230.P	474.	0203	0822	0590	039.32	2012-08-29T22:44:31:292Z
			01.76+		0029+	6+17+29-5+3+		0188-				2012-04-08T04:20:12:896Z

brilliant 2u @		77.68 AA	0564.P		0105	0363	0363	0	2012-08-29T22:49:05:774Z

durandal @		45.59 C		1729.F	611.507.409.167.502	0063	1896	1000	089.60	2012-08-29T22:52:23:142Z
			03.80+		0144+	57+30+25-8+39-		0006-				2012-05-18T00:21:04:019Z

love or truth @		87.04 AA	0571.P		0284	0328	0328	0	2012-08-29T23:02:12:861Z
			03.76+		0023+	16+9-8-0+0+		0034-				2012-03-20T04:28:49:886Z

gigadelic H14 @		61.67 B		1653.F	609.435.225.17.119	0151	1340			2012-08-29T23:05:55:102Z

soliton beam @		53.88 C		1874.F	693.488.329.94.338	0292	1739	1366	027.30	2012-08-29T23:08:58:966Z
			01.27+		0044+	41+38-35-17+70+		0069+				2012-04-18T00:20:10:589Z

naughty girl queens A @	51.59 C		1486.F	544.398.225.76.392	0148	1440	0853	068.81	2012-08-29T23:13:26:788Z

like a wind @		29.04 E		1457.F	470.517.780.306.978	0027	2508			2012-08-29T23:17:12:253Z

R2 @			74.58 A		1705.P	680.345.96.5.32		0285	1143	1143	0	2012-08-29T23:20:35:806Z
			04.29+		0098+	64+30-36-1-4+		0136+				2012-08-15T23:22:13:433Z

カミロ・ウナ・メンデス @	71.59 A		1399.P	535.329.99.0.23		0315	0977	0629	055.32	2012-08-29T23:24:32:980Z
			03.53+		0069+	56+43-19-3-3+		0066-				2012-04-13T00:46:37:994Z

rock me now @		64.47 B		1795.F	653.489.170.21.135	0193	1392	0858	062.23	2012-08-29T23:28:44:806Z
			03.41+		0095+	41+13+25-14-38-		0073+				2012-04-15T01:49:32:690Z

ultra high heels @	77.73 AA	0782.P	301.		0176	0503			2012-08-29T23:31:55:733Z
Rather good day. Saffron Beach Driving is something I particularly cared about playing as I knew it had sunk me bad the last time it came up, though I forget specifically how badly. I think Love or Truth is one of the first songs I ever earned a AAA rating with in the PS2 games, and from the looks of it I should be close to reaching that same rank here. Just south of the line this time. I'll get it at some point, I hope. Lost 18 points to finish at 82% with the last two scratch chords of Jelly Kiss. I may get a time where I'll fail that song in the last measure, knowing how LB handles scratches.

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