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LB log - 20120830

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18351022 05:58:08

Jesse shot up awake on the end of a bad dream. All he could recall afterward was the sensation of running - of running endlessly as fast as he could, and feeling panicked in fleeing from something which he didn't see. The several nights of being alone still caused him to sleep very lightly and rise in this manner frequently. While that was unsettling to Jesse, he was more perplexed in seeing Whitney Poole stare at him as this all transpired.
Whitney was seated in the tent, but not merely seated upright from where he had laid to rest the night before. He was seated with his back to the side of the tent so that Jesse and Daron were under his immediate view. Jesse didn't see Whitney hold anything while he sat there, so he could only assume that he had remained in that position for some time without doing anything else. Jesse nodded to Whitney and received no response of any kind. He continued to stare directly at him and Daron. Jesse quickly determined now to be a good time to address his need to urinate and quietly left the tent.
After a casual walk to the tree line and taking care of business, he took up some of the lighter loose branches and returned to the tent with them to start the fire. Jesse carefully arranged the twigs to lean against each other and set the pot of water on the spindle over it to catch the heat. He held the match inside the ring of rocks before lighting it, remembering not to do as he did yesterday which caused sparks to fly all over. He was glad that such a thing didn't happen in the summer. One chore done. Next was to make sure Randall had food. Jesse ambled to the remains of the barn, took up a giant pile of hay with both arms, and brought it to the carriage where Randall was standing. Jesse ran his hands over the canvas which covered the horse as it bent its head down to graze.
When he started to walk back to the tent he saw Whitney standing by the fire, staring towards him. He paused in his step before continuing his return. Jesse became increasingly uncomfortable with Whitney with each morning that he bore witness to this bizarre kind of behavior. Whitney would only speak to Jesse out of necessity and otherwise spent the small idle time like this doing nothing but simply looking at certain things. One morning it was the house, another it was the horse, today it was him. It all made Jesse feel uneasy and concerned, as much for the simple and focused manner in which he did it as well as not knowing if this was simply his natural way of being. Was there any harm in just looking around? No, but Jesse felt like his eyes pierced the subject of his view. He felt like his way of staring at things was done to make some sort of internal calculations for a purpose which he didn't betray. Was there an ulterior motive being formed? He couldn't tell - and it made him squeamish.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
hyper eurobeat @	60.12 B		1164.F	419.326.183.10.51	0119	0968			2012-08-30T23:15:45:896Z

rugged ash A14 @	33.77 D		0833.F	267.299.368.89.387	0082	1233	0624	097.59	2012-08-30T23:18:27:944Z

cold stream @		35.96 D		1386.F	456.474.538.185.597	0060	1927			2012-08-30T23:21:43:552Z

mobo moga @		72.94 A		0941.P	369.		0126	0645			2012-08-30T23:24:02:768Z

over the clouds remix @	70.15 A		1507.P	591.325.117.8.62	0215	1074			2012-08-30T23:26:44:447Z

5AM @			43.80 D		1668.F	569.560.441.129.517	0101	1904			2012-08-30T23:30:03:600Z

シンデレラケージ @		56.83 B		1696.F	630.436.255.60.233	0095	1492	0744	100.53	2012-08-30T23:33:26:814Z
			00.53+		0016+	6+4+17-18+63+		0033-				2012-06-04T01:06:02:896Z

i was the one 80s @	74.89 A		1086.P	725.		0245	0725			2012-08-30T23:38:30:224Z

iris @			56.70 B		1963.F	713.537.272.59.243	0126	1731			2012-08-30T23:41:55:055Z

511 A14 @		59.62 B		0979.P	323.333.152.3.14	0528	0821			2012-08-30T23:44:41:951Z

go beyond @		30.12 E		1075.F	359.357.504.226.813	0068	1784			2012-08-30T23:48:55:943Z

funktion @		42.07 D		1672.F	579.514.494.111.503	0068	1987			2012-08-30T23:52:04:983Z

back to dance floor @	64.17 B		1354.P	508.338.173.9.49	0128	1055			2012-08-30T23:56:52:200Z

watch out @		61.28 B		0994.P	356.	0109	0811			2012-08-31T00:07:54:472Z

empty of the sky @	78.13 AA	1444.P	598.		0245	0924			2012-08-31T00:10:46:776Z

cross the mind @	31.61 E		1719.F	581.557.755.321.1120	0071	2719			2012-08-31T00:13:51:303Z

clione A14 @		53.29 C		1553.F	548.457.297.40.208	0208	1457			2012-08-31T00:19:59:247Z
How's that for consistently not very good. Yet another surprise in me having no entry for Rugged Ash A14, and with those three songs to open the set I was wondering if I had a totally shitty day in store. Despite one other small increase, the remainder of the plays were just enough that it wasn't awful but weren't increases. All I can say otherwise is that I didn't feel terribly comfortable in playing today, like something seemed to be amiss in my reaction and timing. I think this is particularly evident for my 5.1.1. score, where I think I fell into the trap of trying to shoot for a FC and butchered the timing horribly in the process. Still, it's nice to encounter charts like Over The Clouds Flying Grind and Back to the Dance Floor, which have appreciable note count increases in EX but are still passable.

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