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LB log - 20120831

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There are some ES things which I've written here and there in other text files lingering on my machine, and I haven't yet connected all of the old content with the newer content which I've been writing here. Something I'll need to do is start pasting some of those articles in draft entries here so that I can properly integrate them into one cohesive document, which will need to be properly sorted there after so that I can keep better order of all events and finally begin to set some things into stone.

But I won't do that today. Finally got something inspired.



18970624 20:04:11

Stanley Deitz looked at the concierge desk in amazement as he approached it. Every time he came to this restaurant, there was a new girl behind it, and each of them was a stunning knockout. This girl couldn't have been older than 20 and sported immaculate features with an otherwise common body. Her skin was rather dark and held an unblemished glow under the soft lights overhead. Her straight black hair draped the sides of her long face and curled just under her chin, which was accentuated by her long lashes. The thin black ribbon tie clenched tightly to her neck helped to highlight her demure frame. When she noticed him approach, her eyes opened widely to reveal delicate light brown pupils.
"Good evening and welcome to Chordairs. Do you have a reservation?" He became even more enamored with her upon hearing her speak. Her voice wasn't too high pitched nor did she speak too slowly. He briefly wondered if it was an act.
"Actually, I have an appointment."
"Oh, I see." She peered down to the desk to look at the open book. "With who?"
"With Linda."
"Ah, I see. Please wait here a moment." Without hesitation she walked off to the dining area. Within a minute, she returned ahead of the escort. Linda wore her green dress today, which Stanley liked well enough.
"Good to see you, Stanley."
"And you, Linda."
She turned and offered her right arm out, which Stanley took into his left as the two returned to the table. Carbondale glanced up at them both when the two were nearby, and nodded to his girl when they were ready to sit with them in the booth. They shook hands over the table before Stanley sat down first and wiggled his way to the center. Once seated, the men turned their backs to each other and faced the ladies. They waited for the game to begin. All they had to do was mouth words silently and nearby to the men in alteration as the other's partner spoke.
"So what's the matter? This couldn't wait?" Carbondale kept a grin on his face as he asked this brusquely and maintained eye contact with his companion.
"I got a problem. I think it's in our interest to get it settled immediately." Deitz remained unemotional in his tone.
"Fine. What is it?"
"There's some Dutch faggot going into the Jew apartments and taking pictures of their shit in the middle of the night. He's making like some sort of social justice asshole, or a reporter. You know anything about this?"
"No, it's news to me."
"I asked around and it sounds like this guy's been doing this for a while. Seems like he's hit all the shitholes down there in the last few weeks. I heard the name 'Bojack' from a few of the people he busted on."
"So what do you want me to do about him?"
"Like I said, I think he's doing this for a show and not for a personal collection. I bet he's using them pictures to show to people in halls and such, to shock them and get their hearts to bleed so that they cry for the shit to get more cleaned. If that's what he's doing, he needs to be stopped."
"How badly do you want him to be stopped?"
"Oh, leave the guy alone. Yeah, I don't think it's that bad. If I were him, I'd double down if I got touched. Just shut him up."
Carbondale paused to calculate a price.
"Three." He said this referring to thousands.
"Phew, three? Three. OK, fine. Three. Yeah. You got it."
With the price settled, the men each reached for their menus which rested on the table, giving their dates the indication that the business was settled and that they were now allowed to speak.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
raise your hands @	51.71 C		1601.F	580.441.333.57.266	0079	1548			2012-08-31T23:54:37:370Z

x rated @		38.36 D		1460.F	477.506.571.135.426	0085	1903			2012-08-31T23:57:16:537Z

couse run @		54.52 C		1240.F	434.372.240.24.151	0106	1137			2012-08-31T23:59:32:897Z

dances w snow fairies @	37.50 D		1711.F	554.603.657.159.677	0086	2281			2012-09-01T00:02:23:842Z

far in the distance @	38.99 D		1796.F	655.486.550.152.879	0042	2303			2012-09-01T00:08:11:581Z

sanctus @		76.65 A		0555.P		0148	0362			2012-09-01T00:10:40:793Z

R5 @			68.62 A		1212.F	481.	0163	0883	0870	001.49	2012-09-01T00:13:10:274Z
			01.92+		0034+	21+8-11-0+2-		0006-				2012-06-16T00:15:45:199Z

radius @		44.85 C		1597.F	574.441.440.111.404	0246	1780			2012-09-01T00:17:21:553Z

the trigger innocence @	50.99 C		2212.F	776.660.392.149.394	0165	2169			2012-09-01T00:21:36:353Z

crose @			34.44 D		2334.F	799.736.925.347.1206	0068	3388			2012-09-01T00:26:29:561Z

the shining polaris @	68.79 A		0915.P	345.		0166	0665			2012-09-01T00:36:16:521Z

your body @		52.82 C		1571.F	567.437.318.42.221	0090	1487			2012-09-01T00:39:07:905Z

enter the death @	37.57 D		1712.F	585.542.567.210.706	0045	2278	0486	368.72	2012-09-01T00:46:10:241Z

get the drive @		48.58 C		2021.F	702.617.467.95.420	0128	2080			2012-09-01T00:56:22:868Z

marmalade reverie H14 @	62.75 B		1555.F	568.419.166.71.118	0113	1239	0704	075.99	2012-09-01T01:03:08:725Z

astral voyage @		66.02 B		1582.F	599.384.166.19.75	0143	1198			2012-09-01T01:08:50:265Z

sunshine hero @		65.77 B		1793.P	667.459.172.20.80	0268	1363	1134	020.19	2012-09-01T01:12:10:193Z
			01.21+		0033+	4+25+39-6+3+		0052+				2012-05-02T00:59:49:157Z
I think I might have cut my nails a bit short today, which I tend to do when it comes time to trim. That or I'm just exasperated from today's work, which was more strenuous than normal. Not much I can do about it either way. Meanwhile, I really do have to wonder where the game is finding these songs which I never played. Enter The Death had some Korean characters preceding the title, at least I assume as much because that's what is the case otherwise when the game shows those song titles as illegible katakana gibberish as it did here. Also not terribly surprised in having Marmalade Reverie H14 sink me, as there were more notes inserted by the program into the chart than what's there naturally. Higher note increases are more than mere additional key presses.Like I said, I think he's doing this for a show and not for a personal collection. I bet he's using them pictures to show to people in halls and such, to shock them and get their hearts to bleed so that they cry for the shit to get more cleaned. If that's what he's doing, he needs to be stopped.

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