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LB log - 20120902

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Quick Draft.

YF-N-6888 (nb: Inn near railway, north of main train station)

18841109 16:38:22

"Welcome to Daron's City. Nice to meet, you, Mister -"
"Smith.", said Rudolph Schnaubelt.
Momence laughed at the thick German flavor in the simple single word uttered through the long beard.
"Right, right, very good. OK then, Mr. Smith. How long do you intend to stay here? We can make your stay more comfortable, if you like."
"I frankly wish to discuss the matter of May First."
"Mhm." Momence figured he would get right down to business without recognizing the offer for some fun to be bought.
"The labor and the businesses both expect strikes on the day. We think this would be a good time to act. We think both sides will blame each other instead."
"Right, I see that. So how do you want us to help you?"
"I need to learn how to make, uh, boom. Bomb. I need materials they can't find the source."
"I understand you, Smithy. I understand." Momence smiled broadly. He preferred the exchanges to be like this, where the client just comes out and asks rather than have to beat around code phrases and watch language. His broken English helped here, if anything. "So here's what we do for you. You take a room here for a day and relax. I'll get you some points with the bar. Tomorrow, I'll send-"
"But I am ready now."
"Smith, Jesus! This May Day shit is more than a year away. Time's on your side on this one, OK? Just relax and listen. We set you up. We show you how to use the goods we send you. We show you how we'll deliver it. We'll do it slowly so you teach your brothers. Got it?"
"Yes." Somehow, Schnaubelt managed to say the simple word 'yes' in a palpably thick accent.
"what places do you have in mind?"
"Well... New York. And. Well, all big cities. All places were there are many workers."
"Y'know, maybe you should consider Chicago for this. Chicago's really loose right now."
"Chicago." Schnaubelt said the city's name in deep contemplation.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
tablets @		65.15 B		0907.P	337.		0127	0696			2012-09-03T00:19:31:664Z

2 tribe 4 k @		45.79 C		1491.F	518.455.446.72.290	0152	1628			2012-09-03T00:23:00:543Z

raspberry heart @	60.09 B		1691.F	628.435.227.39.171	0148	1407			2012-09-03T00:25:22:277Z

wish @			73.03 A		1360.P	525.310.78.7.24		0280	0931			2012-09-03T00:28:13:383Z

cherry blossom shower @	27.13 E		1659.F	536.587.904.359.1376	0060	3057			2012-09-03T00:32:50:615Z

fun @			63.38 B		1170.P	436.	0093	0923			2012-09-03T00:36:20:471Z

betelgeuse @		33.41 D		2013.F	677.659.884.286.1032	0079	3012			2012-09-03T00:42:04:740Z

freeway shufffle @	68.55 A		1345.F	520.305.120.7.51	0133	0981			2012-09-03T00:46:13:304Z

tant pis pour toi @	67.98 A		1168.F	432.304.105.6.24	0108	0859			2012-09-03T00:54:54:713Z

hi school dream @	72.77 A		1850.F	727.396.101.13.62	0398	1271			2012-09-03T00:58:41:935Z

usual days remix @	41.03 D		1547.F	534.479.507.105.522	0136	1885	1474	027.88	2012-09-03T01:02:57:695Z
			01.72+		0065+	28+9+13+43-41-		0005+				2012-07-21T00:34:33:279Z

the least 100 sec @	35.56 D		1446.F	479.488.537.168.764	0040	2033			2012-09-03T01:08:09:808Z

quell @			36.32 D		1384.F	457.470.530.143.605	0128	1905			2012-09-03T01:15:21:935Z

dont stop @		80.33 AA	0723.P		0359	0450			2012-09-03T01:21:10:240Z
I think I've remarked about it before, but I'm pretty sure that Quell is the only song to have 162 BPM at the start, so any time I see that digit come up before the song loads, I brace for it and find my fear to be confirmed every time. Interesting to have an increase with Usual Days, as it felt as generally lackluster in play as most anything else, but I did notice myself hearing more of the song than normal so I was coming to the end with a touch of hope for something improved. Rather sad to have failed Hi School Dream and to finally pass Fun but without a score increase. I stopped after playing Don't Stop because that's how I roll.

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