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LB log - 20120905

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Quick Draft.

18580923 09:46:26

Tazewell looked around the glass walls as he stepped into the center. Doctor Caden pushed the panel behind him after he took his position in front of the three stools, then sat at the high stool next to a table where his clipboard was waiting.
"Ready when you are, Mr. Nolson. Twist the bracelet as I instructed you."
With a turn of his left hand over the bracelet on his right wrist, Tazewell snapped the piece together. Within an instant, the chain links which dangled in his right hand melted and formed into a single metallic rod. The angle at which he held the metal caused the middle stool which he was standing before to be knocked over as it protruded out from the transformation. The granite rock which rested on its surface fell to the ground with a hard strike, but remained intact. He blinked at the fallen chair in a moment of disbelief before pulling the stool back up and replacing the rock on the seat. Doctor Caden laughed at his reaction.
"OK. First test, please. How does the metal feel in your hands now?"
"Feels good. Solid and sturdy. Like an iron rod."
"Good, good. Go ahead, then. Test One."
The first test was the tin can which rested on the stool to his right. Tazewell held the rod down, paused to take in a breath, then raised it over his head to strike upon the can with as much force as he could muster. The can offered no resistance to the strike and collapsed around the club, but only until the stool underneath it broke apart from the force as well. The metal and wood rained to the ground in a satisfying explosion of force. The Doctor smiled as he recorded the result on his sheet.
"Excellent! Test Two! Do it just the same."
Tazewell smiled now and and prepared the strike as he did before. The metal bat was raised up and swung down. The strike caused a few sparks to fly as the rock was split in two, and fell apart upon the stool seat. Doctor Caden nodded and wrote this expected result down. Now it was time for the most interesting test.
"Good. Now, as much force as you can muster with this hit. We need to test the durability as much as we can."
On the third stool was a piece of white mineral roughly the size of an apple - it was an unfinished and flawed diamond. Today it would find its use. Tazewell paused a few moments, making sure he had focus on the hit, drummed his fingers on the metal, then took the baton up to strike. He swung it down upon the diamond with a loud roar and caused the stool underneath to break apart yet again. The diamond bounced onto the ground and rolled to the edge of the glass wall. The recoil from the strike made Tazewell reel backwards from his stance. Doctor Caden rose to the side of the glass in an exctied rush.
"Show me! Quickly! Show me the metal!"
He held the metal rod up with both hands for the doctor to see, and he was elated at the sight. The metal did more than merely survive the strike intact, it appeared fully unblemished.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
chain of pain @		45.03 D		1576.F	547.482.489.81.328	0051	1753			2012-09-05T22:05:50:093Z

more deep @		73.14 A		0888.P	347.		0169	0607			2012-09-05T22:10:23:000Z

several words @		41.16 D		1630.F	580.470.451.223.756	0050	1980			2012-09-05T22:17:06:624Z

22dunk @		68.99 A		0454.P		0156	0329	0329	0	2012-09-05T22:19:38:313Z

atomic age @		72.31 A		0901.P	350.		0174	0623			2012-09-05T22:27:03:270Z

no doubt get loud @	65.64 B		1498.F	591.316.137.18.141	0118	1141			2012-09-05T22:30:11:330Z

憎しみはあの空の彼方に @	47.43 C		1774.F	666.442.383.183.562	0066	1870	1005	086.06	2012-09-05T22:33:14:793Z
			00.62+		0023+	23+23-5+23+5+		0013-				2012-05-21T01:21:01:649Z

the sound of goodbye @	71.62 A		1348.P	520.308.86.6.37		0290	0941	0668	040.86	2012-09-05T22:36:59:923Z
			05.37+		0101+	56+11-44-0+9-		0140+				2012-08-24T23:23:08:736Z

lift me up @		84.38 AA	1313.P	548.		0778	0778	0384	102.60	2012-09-05T22:41:53:366Z
			02.38+		0037+	12+13+19-2-3-		0486+				2012-04-30T01:03:57:050Z

聖人の塔 @		35.11 D		1856.F	642.572.731.268.1047	0149	2643	1997	032.34	2012-09-05T22:46:10:960Z
			00.35+		0023+	15+7-15+3+55+		0032-				2012-05-13T00:21:24:046Z

passionate fate @	60.52 B		1966.F	754.458.184.107.295	0093	1624	1295	025.40	2012-09-05T22:51:30:061Z
			00.73+		0024+	7+10+30-3-22-		0006+				2012-04-23T01:53:01:654Z

beat machine @		76.40 A		0868.P	553.		0246	0568			2012-09-05T22:55:35:369Z

perfect world @		76.12 A		1218.P	489.		0128	0800			2012-09-05T23:00:01:958Z

music to your head @	68.90 A		1254.P	469.316.108.1.28	0162	0910	0849	009.54	2012-09-05T23:05:22:670Z
			02.50+		0056+	48+40-25-1-4-		0023+				2012-03-28T00:44:52:582Z

step into new world @	72.34 A		1512.P	590.332.96.9.43		0257	1045	1023	002.15	2012-09-05T23:09:18:542Z

CaptivAte~裁き~ @	53.22 C		1601.F	571.459.244.68.348	0070	1504			2012-09-05T23:14:39:378Z

paramnesia @		41.38 D		1350.F	455.440.394.106.472	0051	1631	1163	040.24	2012-09-05T23:23:13:536Z
			01.39+		0078+	38+2+3-26-14-		0008+				2012-07-19T00:06:36:128Z

eternal tears @		79.27 AA	1289.F	554.		0154	0813			2012-09-05T23:27:08:006Z

i am H14 @		69.32 A		2088.F	801.486.134.18.153	0129	1506	0883	070.55	2012-09-05T23:37:04:458Z
			02.65+		0053+	26+1+18-10-10-		0005-				2012-04-05T01:38:13:406Z

dance H14 @		60.66 B		1320.F	483.354.171.17.115	0094	1088			2012-09-05T23:46:25:383Z

タシカナモノ @		68.49 A		1900.F	727.446.139.15.122	0122	1387			2012-09-05T23:55:05:345Z
OK, so why didn't I ever have a score for Step Into The New World? Odd. Still, I did indulge myself in playing much longer than usual, to which I attribute the fact that I actually didn't suck as badly today compared to previous sessions. As it turns out, my opening with Chain of Pain was the worst score earned today, but even from the start in playing that I perceived myself feeling better and pretty much knew I should do better on the course of the day. Skipped some other easy early style songs like Soft Landing and Reincarnation because I was getting pumped more for the more difficult charts. Rather excited to have a full combo with Lift Me Up. As much as the song fits, I'm not quite sure if a Moby song in IIDX does the game more good than harm. Good day.

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