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LB log - 20120906

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18351225 02:44:09

Daron and Jesse slept peacefully while being watched over in pensive study. The difference was that in this night, there was wine served with the Christmas meal, and alcohol wasn't consumed by either of the men since they had arrived here in October. Whitney assumed from Daron's age and physique that he would be more susceptible to the drink than he would be, and his suspicion seemed to be holding true at the present moment. He gingerly crept over to where Daron was sleeping and clapped loudly once by his face. He responded by snoring more loudly.
Whitney decided that the child would be first. He would be easier to suppress and subdue. All he'd have to do is smother over the body and apply pressure to the neck. Put him to sleep. That done, there would be one less obstacle against him for his plan. With each step towards Jesse he curled his bare feet against the hardened dirt and concentrated on being silent. He took position at Jesse's feet and knelt before them, and paused a few moments to collect his focus. This was the time he was waiting for. This was it. This was the first of the last obstacles to overcome before he'd be free.
Jesse suddenly stirred and mumbled a moan in his sleep, but eventually shifted his body to slouch to the side and resumed his slumber. This was the time. This was the time he wanted. Whitney moved his legs behind him to kneel with his feet pressed to the ground so that he could pounce upon Jesse as he slept. In a blink, he launched and landed upon him. Before Jesse could wake to respond, Whitney wrapped his hands around Jesse's neck and leaned his torso forward to pin Jesse's arms down with his elbows. Whitney also dug his kneecaps into Jesse's thighs. Jesse shook his body violently but did little to shift Whitney out of position. He flailed his arms but was unable to grab at anything. He started to groan loudly, screamed against his vocal chords but made no sound louder than a coarse hum. Jesse's eyes seemed to pop out from his head, against which Whitney glared without blinking. Jesse kept trying to flail and scream, and his peals were quickly losing duration and strength. Finally, Jesse managed to wiggle a leg free and thrust it into the center of Whitney's crotch. The impact caused him to roll off and lose grip, which gave Jesse a chance to take in a breath and cough violently as he gasped for air.
The sudden noise caused Daron to wake, but he was still slowed by the alcohol consumed earlier and didn't understand the commotion which was nearby but he couldn't see in the darkness.
"What's going on?" Daron called out to the room.
"Choke!" Jesse said the word in a sickly creak through heaps of coughing from the bottom of his lungs.
Daron roused himself to his feet and made a quick hobble over to Jesse's direction, but only made it halfway across the room before he was tackled and punched in the face when he was on the ground. The impact stunned him and he laid on the ground in a daze as the body quickly rolled off of him and walked back to Jesse. The child screamed out as he was smothered again. Daron felt at the side of the log wall for the empty wine bottle and grasped at the air wildly until he knocked it over to the ground. He took the bottle into his hand and quickly rolled himself upright. With a scream, Daron dove towards the noise and dashed to the lump of bodies. He smothered himself over both of them and felt for the neck of the person underneath him. His fingers found the collarbone. Daron wound the bottle back and struck it down to hit the back of the head. The glass shattered and left him holding the broken neck of the bottle. The impact caused Whitney to roll of off Jesse again, but Daron didn't lose his sense of touch to Whitney's neck. When he hit his back to the ground, Daron knelt over his body and shoved the broken wine bottle into the flesh by his fingertips. Within seconds he felt liquid pour over his hands as he plunged the glass into unseen flesh. Whitney gurgled a scream as the glass cut into the veins of his neck. Daron continued to grind the glass into the neck until he could press the tips of the fingers holding the glass against Whitney's blood soaked flesh. Whitney writhed and moaned in agony. Daron clenched his eyes shut and ground his teeth together as he struggled to keep the glass impaled into Whitney's body. The flailing diminished in moments until it gradually came to an end. Jesse continued to cough coarsely and sit upright in his bedding. As the adrenaline receded from his blood and the smell of blood and excrement filled the air, Daron reeled and turned to the side to vomit. He continued to heave dryly for several minute after he emptied the contents of his stomach to the ground.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
blueberry stream @	62.67 B		1088.F	391.306.135.5.69	0099	0868			2012-09-07T00:08:03:636Z

abyss THR B14 @		32.30 E		1511.F	485.541.704.242.858	0075	2339			2012-09-07T00:11:58:734Z

bleeding luv @ 		55.27 C		1772.F	628.516.329.22.200	0136	1603			2012-09-07T00:17:26:038Z

turii panta rhei @	64.68 B		2013.P	745.523.237.12.96	0121	1556	1280	021.56	2012-09-07T00:22:28:787Z
			03.15+		0098+	51+4-6-10-43-		0005+				2012-08-08T00:01:46:081Z

reminiscence @		54.21 C		1764.F	645.474.295.69.335	0100	1627			2012-09-07T00:27:03:395Z

grid knight @		41.24 D		1956.F	679.598.565.202.727	0052	2371	1396	069.84	2012-09-07T00:39:43:789Z
			00.54+		0026+	43+60-24-3+103+		0019-				2012-04-11T03:36:56:756Z

bag @			59.99 B		1435.F	517.401.220.13.111	0091	1196			2012-09-07T00:46:52:545Z

dreaming sweetness @	50.45 C		1887.F	657.573.350.94.403	0078	1870			2012-09-07T00:51:22:194Z

stoic @			52.00 C		1690.F	588.514.353.52.244	0149	1625			2012-09-07T00:54:10:846Z

卑弥呼 A14 @		33.87 D		1729.F	591.547.683.268.1049	0048	2552	2194	016.31	2012-09-07T00:59:47:572Z

nnrt @			37.77 D		1931.F	652.627.594.284.1046	0127	2556	1957	030.60	2012-09-07T01:03:04:116Z
			03.54+		0181+	73+35+135-23+65+	0001+				2012-05-11T01:08:19:115Z

ghost house @		57.54 B		2691.F	1024.643.283.167.468	0177	2338			2012-09-07T01:09:10:072Z

high @			68.75 A		2148.F	820.508.128.34.221	0211	1562	1233	026.68	2012-09-07T01:13:21:753Z
			06.93+		0192+	107+22-97-1+9+		0104-				2012-04-01T23:55:39:615Z

thunder house nation @	40.95 D		1640.F	554.532.515.134.486	0080	2002			2012-09-07T01:19:22:551Z

now and forever @	53.39 C		1652.F	581.490.298.58.263	0172	1548			2012-09-07T01:22:24:229Z

never look back @	65.07 B		0928.P	342.	0128	0713			2012-09-07T01:28:03:381Z

don't wake me dream @	61.48 B		1825.F	679.467.211.42.159	0148	1484	0931	059.39	2012-09-07T01:32:28:322Z
			03.03+		0090+	40+10+4-33-25-		0045+				2012-07-04T00:12:48:237Z

pangaea @		54.85 C		2247.F	802.643.425.63.251	0075	2078	0669	210.61	2012-09-07T01:38:39:287Z
			04.85+		0169+	94+19-62-10-33-		0021-				2012-05-28T00:34:11:363Z

feel it @		65.14 B		1596.F	585.426.169.6.114	0300	1225	1119	009.47	2012-09-07T01:53:26:584Z
			02.95+		0204+	95+14+90-3+9-		0147+				2012-04-01T01:22:27:784Z

電人イェーガーのテーマ @	61.67 B		1030.F	375.	0079	0835			2012-09-07T01:57:11:053Z
Very happy with today for no other reason that to clear Turii. The chart really isn't that much altered except for the part just after the first main melody (meaning what is altered is the part where theres the swift piano scales which become chords in EX), but that's close enough to the end where if you screw that up, you won't recover by the end. Today's chart roll gave me the fortunate result seen here. Otherwise had some nice increases, particularly on the RAM songs. Only ugliness was Abyss. Faced a fair amount of tough charts, too. I'll take days like this any time.

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