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LB log - 20120907

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Received an annual evaluation today at the retail job. Two years. Despite the effusive praise listed on the document, my actual "grade" as put into the system was the average 3 out of 5. The write-up lists me as one of the best employees in the facility and mentions little in the way of negative aspects to improve, yet I'm Average Overall. I get that it requires effort and justification to give someone a superlative grade, but would it be that difficult to match that assessment with what is actually written by the people who author the praise?

Quick Draft.

18380221 17:58:54

"Dear Daron, perhaps I should better state the issue in this manner." Frederic paused to properly formulate this assertion, but suddenly chose a different means to continue the conversation. Daron didn't respond well to being outright told that he was wrong, even if he was. He had to help lead him to this conclusion on his own. "See, what you are looking to do is reform the sinister men whom you speak of now. You want to end their criminal actions. But you already have one Church here and you see that you all attend it faithfully. You all profess your faith but several seem to lack the ability to adhere to it. If these men who act in this way do so without fear of being dishonest to the truly highest of authority, how do you expect them to respect you?"
"Freddy, Fred. You overthinkin this. Listen to me again - I want to make the bad guys the good guys. Ain't got nothin to do with the Lord or the Church. It's about a ... a name. A title. Those bad folks... they bad because we just say they bad. But that's just them doin what they know to do. They doin what they done to live. Ain't no other way they will. So that's how we fight it - by making it our own."
Frederic stared blankly and unable to speak for an extended moment. He felt that this idea which Daron was stating was now losing basis in reality.
"I... I fail to comprehend you. You are just going to decide to let lawlessness be the law? You are going to simply let rule be set by anarchists? That is impossible, that is prepos-"
"No, no, see, not all lawlessness. There will be law, yes. There will always be law. And there will always be folk who try to get around the law. So, here's the thing to do. What you do is, you say to a certain part of those folk, you tell them that their lawlessness is acceptable. You see? There ain't no cops where there ain't no robbers. There ain't no robbers without cops on em. They on the same coin. What we do is we mint that coin. Ha ha, see! See it!"

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
lets talk it over @	66.30 B		0618.P		0121	0466			2012-09-08T00:10:39:444Z

2hot 2eat @		56.36 B		1000.F	363.	0140	0887			2012-09-08T00:14:57:716Z

macho gang @		47.22 D		0799.F	249.301.227.10.89	0051	0846	0846	0	2012-09-08T00:18:52:143Z

small clone @		71.78 A		0893.P	345.		0417	0622			2012-09-08T00:21:54:929Z

shapes @		62.13 B		1193.F	451.	0124	0960			2012-09-08T00:24:15:095Z

phionics @		51.73 C		1012.F	360.	0111	0978			2012-09-08T00:53:09:051Z

burning up for you @	77.45 A		1151.P	460.		0165	0743	0727	002.20	2012-09-08T00:55:59:949Z
			04.98+		0045+	44+43-7-4-19-		0053+				2012-03-26T00:58:57:427Z

tell me more @		68.23 A		1216.P	441.334.106.3.15	0221	0891			2012-09-08T01:00:09:737Z

rerush @		43.67 D		2314.F	806.702.672.165.619	0085	2649	0805	229.06	2012-09-08T01:03:51:491Z
			04.55+		0241+	101+39+47-91-108-	0000-				2012-06-03T03:25:20:774Z

zenius i vanisher @	42.82 D		1629.F	559.511.467.131.483	0100	1902			2012-09-08T01:09:28:998Z

20 november radio @	68.57 A		0635.P		0166	0463	0463	0	2012-09-08T01:12:06:339Z

嘆きの樹 @		40.39 D		1863.F	665.533.520.182.838	0089	2306			2012-09-08T01:15:18:204Z

come with me @		64.62 B		1180.F	432.316.121.4.62	0120	0913			2012-09-08T01:26:24:959Z

smell like this @	70.87 A		1341.F	525.	0147	0946	0894	005.81	2012-09-08T01:31:16:452Z
			02.45+		0019+	43+67-2+1-3-		0009-				2012-04-02T01:13:55:175Z

claiohm solais @	53.14 C		2008.F	727.554.329.92.402	0089	1889			2012-09-08T01:35:12:652Z

close my eyes for me @	59.15 B		1331.F	506.319.188.22.146	0146	1125	0751	049.80	2012-09-08T01:41:28:483Z
			00.98+		0022+	20+18-7+12-4-		0051+				2012-04-09T01:09:25:986Z

lax5 @			34.74 D		1617.F	532.553.659.206.777	0065	2327			2012-09-08T01:46:25:674Z
Having Nageki come up today was slightly epiphanic, as it was one of the many small instances which we all have in our lives where we think of a long forgotten song or show out of the blue only to have it come up to our face later on in the day. While at retail work today I found myself thinking about the song, and here it comes up now. Had one major crash come along in the game, which accounted for the large gap of time between plays between Shapes and Phionics. I seem to be running on low fuel, as the decreases for songs like Zenius, Claiomh, and Lax5 were all pretty steep. The charts that they get aren't friendly but still, 300 off is the starting point of the scores being distinctly bad. Still, not a 100% awful session.

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