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LB log - 20120915

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Pressed for time at the moment, but I want to start this to get something down and work on it.

Quick Draft.

19361225 15:44:33

"So one of the first uses for this kind of metallic fiber is that we can line the inside of tires with it so that they're stronger."
Ashland nodded and smiled with a sense of pride and accomplishment in the development and being able to share it with Mary. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ashland's Aunt Melanie walking with trepidation towards the table as she held four small crystalline glasses in one hand and a pitcher of fruit punch in the other.
"Oh, Mellie, let me help you with that right quick." She walked way from Ashland without as much as acknowledging him, leaving him to stand with Jennifer. Yet again, Ashland stood in the center of everything happening around him as if he had become a mere apparition. This conversation had transpired and ended just as a few others had beforehand - he is asked what is new, he describes things that he has done, the interlocutor responds monosyllabically when appropriate and finds a way to move onto something else.
Jennifer leaned her head against her husband's shoulder and spoke softly to his ear.
"The only way that woman could have been more bored is by saying 'I'm bored' after letting you talk. Can't she say more than one word in response to you?"
"See, what I don't get the most, what I don't understand, is that I think I'm saying things quick. I'm not getting down in huge detail, right? I'm not spewing out thesis papers on molecular chemistry when I just tell them about things like making better tires, right?"
"No, you're not, you're telling them the interesting part."

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
almace @		43.67 D		1333.F	450.433.382.95.372	0061	1526			2012-09-15T22:28:19:750Z

秩序の秋桜 @		22.19 F		1925.F	603.719.1119.480.2304	0044	4336			2012-09-15T22:33:45:275Z

abstract @		46.04 C		1352.F	461.430.416.50.251	0066	1468			2012-09-15T22:36:29:434Z

恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! @	28.24 E		1608.F	528.552.965.333.1093	0039	2847			2012-09-15T22:40:09:114Z

max love @		46.22 C		2189.F	774.641.586.126.585	0055	2368			2012-09-15T22:43:27:078Z

vanessa @		32.79 E		1248.F	405.438.500.207.807	0041	1903	1297	046.72	2012-09-15T22:46:53:316Z
			02.34+		0089+	31+27+70-1+67+		0003-				2012-04-12T01:46:49:369Z

QQQ @			43.93 D		1412.F	460.492.421.61.321	0097	1607			2012-09-15T22:50:15:805Z

blueberry stream @	63.94 B		1110.F	412.	0151	0868			2012-09-15T22:53:02:662Z

yakumo joint struggle @	28.19 E		1807.F	576.655.956.339.1461	0076	3204			2012-09-15T23:01:28:661Z

i was the one @		74.52 A		0632.P		0301	0424	0270	057.03	2012-09-15T23:05:14:658Z

last message @		53.29 C		1553.F	563.427.290.56.241	0065	1457			2012-09-15T23:12:00:089Z

marine snow @		36.04 D		1230.F	446.338.416.212.576	0137	1706			2012-09-15T23:14:46:651Z

ミッドナイト堕天使 A14 @	48.26 C		1638.F	573.492.414.63.307	0091	1697			2012-09-15T23:21:13:463Z
I should have known to play I Was The One at some point, on the basis of it being a good-cool song (which means that it tends to have hidden notes found by Extra Mode), but I never got around to it. Pleasant surprise to encounter it today and find what it had to offer, particularly by the end of the song. Surprised that I had an increase in Vanessa, too. Otherwise, I had to play earlier than normal on account of today's events and that it as much of what I'll blame for poor performance today as much as retail work and everything else I bitch about daily. I notice that I had several very dense and awful charts thrown at me today. TaQ hurt me badly today, too.

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