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LB log - 20120917

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About two hours into the shift the traffic is starting to pick up as normal. I have a corral filled and set in a direction ready to go, and I'm standing at the front of it after just putting a few on top. An old woman of at least seventy brings her cart to the back end of the line I have set up and places her cart separately next to the line rather than add it to the line which I have. "Ma'am, can you please do me a favor and put that cart with the rest of these?" She looks over to the line and responds "There's no space for it." "Sure there is, go ahead," I say and wave over to the line. That I'm standing there and asking for her to do this should indicate that it would be OK. After a pause, she yells back "You do it." and leaves the cart where she originally placed it.

Fresh from lunch I walk over to a corral and I see a person starting to back out, while a car approaches from the top of the lane to our right. I hold up my arm to tell the woman backing out to stop, and she does. The person approaching waves us out. I step backwards and motion in pulling my hands towards me to indicate that she should back up. She stutters, stops, and repeats. I continue to walk backward to ensure enough distance and continue motioning for her to back up. Finally, she opens her door and yells out "What do you want me to do?" with extreme annoyance in her voice. "Please back out." She finally vacates the spot and leaves in a hurry.

At 2PM there are three of us scheduled to be out there. I'm paged on my walkie. They want me to go to the personnel meeting area to complete a survey which they conduct annually. 2PM is when one of the three of us is going to go on lunch, and I respond to tell the supervisor as such. "They want you back there anyway." is her response. I go, and a second of the three of us is already back there. The store manager takes ten minutes to talk about the survey. At the end of it, the second cartman indicates that he now realizes that he already had taken the survey days prior and was already in the system. He left. There were eight of us remaining in the room and six computers to be used. I didn't want to make a mad rush to complete the survey so I allow others to go first. One of the older men has a problem logging in and allows me to start. I sit down, mark "Strongly Agree" with everything, and leave before anyone else is done.

30 minutes before leaving, I'm setting up cart rows in the back of the lot, and I see a dead seagull on the ground. I suppose it died mid flight, as it had landed with its head crushed upon the ground and a splotch of red pulp was visible near its beak.

Today has basically sucked, more or less.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
naughty girl A14 @	44.54 C		1283.F	448.387.298.58.406	0161	1440			2012-09-18T00:12:56:428Z

cradle @		72.64 A		1139.F	437.		0220	0784			2012-09-18T00:16:14:502Z

non fiction story @	47.18 C		1610.F	573.464.374.111.437	0108	1706			2012-09-18T00:18:48:755Z

september wind @	44.16 D		1499.F	540.419.461.110.352	0058	1697			2012-09-18T00:25:20:384Z

鋼の雫 @			49.42 C		1619.F	574.471.392.58.252	0133	1638			2012-09-18T00:29:55:756Z

destiny @		72.70 A		1313.P	507.		0257	0903			2012-09-18T00:34:54:168Z

galaxy fall @		33.40 D		1614.F	559.496.709.234.894	0120	2416			2012-09-18T00:39:15:187Z

halfway of promise @	63.66 B		1756.F	690.376.136.43.242	0167	1379	1157	019.18	2012-09-18T00:42:22:076Z
			01.81+		0050+	39+28-12-5+34-		0005+				2012-08-26T23:25:13:599Z

outer limits @		68.79 A		0787.P	307.		0125	0572			2012-09-18T00:45:49:462Z

do back burn @		67.32 A		1830.F	721.388.168.19.107	0090	1359	1085	025.25	2012-09-18T00:49:04:884Z
			01.69+		0046+	58+70-12+5-12-		0026-				2012-04-19T03:38:24:135Z

紅い空 @			56.37 B		1795.F	661.473.270.76.232	0192	1592			2012-09-18T00:53:28:103Z

traces @		54.37 C		1604.F	574.456.278.57.239	0128	1475			2012-09-18T00:57:37:791Z

AA @			37.50 D		1678.F	577.524.615.177.703	0115	2237			2012-09-18T01:02:10:636Z

flora @			61.17 B		1598.F	599.400.173.24.186	0097	1306	0836	056.22	2012-09-18T01:06:37:131Z
			00.07+		0002+	14+26-11-3-32+		0059-				2012-08-19T01:47:09:872Z

water cube @		51.05 C		1505.F	520.465.306.44.216	0062	1474			2012-09-18T01:11:14:085Z

luv to me ucchies @	69.13 A		1185.F	464.		0113	0857	0826	003.75	2012-09-18T01:17:52:609Z
			03.59+		0034+	46+58-23-5+5+		0084-				2012-03-22T01:13:10:424Z

limited @		70.96 A		1249.P	485.		0181	0880			2012-09-18T01:23:46:805Z
Relief. I guess Do Back Burn is one of those songs which leaves an impression on the mind if you hear it just once. I personally think the song is dopey but not god awful, so it hasn't annoyed me nor have I ever made a point to find a clip to listen to it independently. The only time I've played it is in the few times I've gone through each song per style to set out baseline records. I can name the title within just a few opening notes. Play just felt better today. No surprises there nor in the modesty of increases. Can't complain overall, regardless.

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