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LB log - 20120919

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18360101 14:18:41

When the sound of the wagon was close enough to the cabin to be heard, Daron placed his patch of knitted yarn upon the table and took station at the window, standing to the side of it and peering around it to keep watch. He kept his stance in tense focus as the wagon drew near. His mind raced over what to do with the possibilities of who could possibly be arriving, and what to say. He'd have the deed ready for proof of ownership. He'd have some gold coin ready if there was a collection for property tax already being made. Hopefully it wouldn't be a county sheriff looking for the child, or him, or Whitney. The wait for the arrival seemed to be interminable to Daron as he watched the procession. His body relaxed and he put himself into open view behind the window when the wagon came to a stop and he saw a lady emerge from the passenger compartment, holding one young child by the hand in each of her own as she stood upon the ground to assist them out. The driver of the wagon kept to himself and stared blankly away from them as they disembarked. With the children out, the woman reached into the wagon and pulled a large stuffed sack out, which she struggled to lift towards her and fell to the ground once it was pulled free. The woman said "thank you" out loud to the driver, who said nothing in response and snapped the reins down to compel the horse to move. The horse and carriage drew a large circle and left the three persons behind. The woman watched the carriage trail off with a visible sigh, then turned to the sack on the ground. She clenched the end of it tightly with both hands and began to drag it on the dirt, pulling it towards the house in sharp tugs which conveyed little distance. The children were too little to offer any assistance and merely walked in her wake. Her handling of the bag caused Daron to think of his handling of Whitney and caused him to briefly shudder. He quickly left the cabin and went outside to approach the beleaguered woman.
"You're taking that here, I assume, ma'am?"
"Yes. Can I please ask for your help?"
Daron was already walking over to the woman as she asked for his assistance and wordlessly took the bag up and heaved it over his back, then stood beside her.
"Let's return to the cabin, ma'am."
She demurely said thanks and walked in the lead towards the doorway. Daron nodded to the children who stared at him blankly until the woman's urging caused them to follow her. Jesse stood attentively by his seat at the table as they entered. Daron gently laid the bag to the side of the doorway before closing it shut, then addressed the woman with a faint bow at the waist.
"Well uh, welcome to our home, ma'am. I was not expecting any kind of visitor. My name is Daron, the child's name is Jesse."
"Nice to meet you. I am Mrs. Whitney Poole."
Daron felt the blood rush from her face as she spoke the name. His mind rushed over the immediate future and the possible permutations for how this situation would resolve.
"Is my husband nearby?"
"I uh, um. I'm afraid to tell you Mrs. Poole that um, no, he isn't. There was a, a uh, a recent accident. He had an unfortunate accident, ma'am."
"What ever do you mean? Was he taken to a hospital of some kind?"
Daron ruminated and darted his eyes upon the ground. Now it all made sense. Now everything that had happened finally made sense. The attack was no sudden wild impulse, nor was it a drunken rampage. It was his plan all along. Whitney did that with the intent to make room for his family to move in.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
red full metal jacket @	50.17 C		1966.F	694.578.281.91.594	0141	1959			2012-09-19T22:51:04:677Z

dawn next endeavour @	42.62 D		2045.F	620.805.665.107.495	0165	2399			2012-09-19T22:54:32:977Z

extrema pt 2 @		68.62 A		1599.F	612.375.133.13.71	0155	1165			2012-09-19T22:58:48:600Z

moon race @		66.69 A		1394.P	536.322.159.7.38	0213	1045			2012-09-19T23:02:05:348Z

spring rain @		55.34 C		1564.F	597.370.235.100.301	0165	1413	0904	056.30	2012-09-19T23:06:04:855Z
			01.84+		0052+	31+10-26-4+13+		0017-				2012-07-18T00:39:09:394Z

recollection @		72.15 A		1980.P	769.442.108.8.94	0207	1372	1104	024.27	2012-09-19T23:11:18:923Z
			01.20+		0033+	10-53+21-1-21-		0091-				2012-05-09T01:31:07:933Z

digitank system @	55.47 C		1520.F	547.426.205.43.295	0179	1370	1175	016.59	2012-09-19T23:17:49:206Z
			03.61+		0099+	41+17+81-8+46+		0008-				2012-04-14T03:44:08:076Z

happy angel @		58.88 B		1458.F	529.400.209.27.160	0071	1238			2012-09-19T23:23:33:985Z

in my eyes @		71.40 A		1501.P	563.375.97.4.32		0214	1051			2012-09-19T23:27:22:575Z

now and forever @	56.29 B		1743.F	533.477.289.44.232	0140	1548			2012-09-19T23:39:48:035Z

golden horn @		57.56 B		0982.F	345.	0116	0853			2012-09-19T23:46:00:349Z

G2 CS @			57.58 B		1671.F	616.439.254.24.198	0241	1451	1377	005.37	2012-09-19T23:51:58:432Z

cheerful forest @	34.21 D		1997.F	665.667.867.269.1056	0034	2918			2012-09-19T23:56:49:711Z

memories @		66.52 B		1695.F	655.385.174.8.85	0130	1274			2012-09-20T00:02:24:415Z
There is just no middle ground with Dawn. It's something I can either hit near enough to the record or I'm way totally off base and not even close. This particular play didn't even feel that bad, despite me knowingly not hitting some of the bad chords given, but that's simply a depressing and awful result. Regardless, I got the clear of Recollection, as the random in this case didn't affect the post-middle difficult part too much and I was able to handily recover before the song ended. 78% on Extrema with the last note. Whatever. Good enough of a day.

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