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Mid Year's Resolutions

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Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated with the concept of a fresh start. Not as in "complete overhaul," "witness protection program," or "bury your girlfriend where no one will ever find her, ever." More like New Year's resolutions or the kinds of promises you make to yourself as you blow out your birthday candles. These kinds of incremental improvements can be very useful if they are adhered to.

In fact, one of my favorite comedies, Groundhog Day, deals with a man allowed to make as many mistakes and make as many fresh starts as he needs to in order to get himself in order. He didn't necessarily make an improvement each day or work on the same project from one day to the next, but in the end it was all pieced together and he was allowed to go on with his life.

Iíve run my own affairs, including TNL, a lot like that. This next week should see the end of the 4.1 improvements, and I have a whole new phase of site-related projects to engage in starting July 1. On the more personal side, I've fallen into some sloppy habits that should also be addressed before itís time for "Mid Life Resolutions."

I've got time.

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  1. Chux's Avatar
    Nick, this is your doctor.

    You have terminal butt disease, you have 4 hours to live.
  2. Nick's Avatar
    Don't worry. I'll just push out all the bad stuff.
  3. Chux's Avatar
    Tabula Rasa indeed!
  4. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Chux loves looking at people's buttholes confirmed.
  5. Josh's Avatar
    There isn't much else to do on the internet.


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