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Y'all Got Cash?

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Ah Summer Time!
How I loathe thee.
Summer means the stinky people that frequent the store are even stinkier.

Summer means the greasy people that frequent the store are even greasier. Seriously. Usually I only have to wipe down the glass showcases at the end of the day. But if the temperature outside hits anywhere higher than 72 then the glass looks like someone smeared Vaseline all over it within minutes of opening the door.

Summer means everyone has decided they don't need their video games anymore and it's time to hightail it Game Craze and sell them bad boys. Unfortunately, Summer means that those games you all bought in the winter are past their prime and are now damn near worthless. Yes, I know you paid $60 for this game last November, but if you look on the wall right there, you'll see that I have a stack of them already and that the big orange price tag on it says $14.99. That means you are looking at $5-$7 for it. Sorry.
I had a guy scream at me and call me a thief when I offered him $30 store credit for his PS2 that we sell for $50. "I PAID $300 FOR THIS!"

The worst of it though are the fucking fiends I deal with who literally steal from their own children in order to support their habits. There's this one guy who has been coming in here for a few months now and sells shit for cash. He started with DVDs. First, they were all adult (not porn, just...stuff an adult would watch), but soon they were less adult and more childish. Dude would come in with Barney and Care Bears and shit. When those dried up, he started in with the 360 games. Then DS games. Three weeks ago he came in with a DS Lite and a copy of Marvel Super Hero Squad and said, "I have to get these back Friday, how much will it cost me?" I told him, "I'll give you $50 now, and it you want them back it'll cost you $100." He replied, "Ok, but you've got to promise me you won't sell them on me." I told him he had til Friday, and he got really agitated. "I will be here Friday! Just this is all he has left so you gotta promise me you won't sell it before then!"
Every week since then he has brought them in for the $50, then bought them back on Friday for $100.
A part of me feels bad for ripping him off so thoroughly, but really, fuck him. He's taking his kid's stuff and selling it for drug money. That piece of shit deserves it. I guess every addict has to hit some kind of low point before they realize how fucked they've become and want to get their life in order. I would hope selling your kid's toys would be that low point. The only option lower is selling your kid.

I'm going to set a wireless web cam up in here. Trying to get pics with the blackberry is too awkward.

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Updated 24 Jun 2010 at 04:19 PM by Some Stupid Japanese Name

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  1. kingoffighters's Avatar
    $5-7 for a $15 is actually really good TIV. Gamestop will give you $1 or less for them.
  2. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    I don't need you to tell me how good my TIV is. I'm the one who sets it. I know how fuckin' good it is. When Gamestop offers trade ins;, they offer shit. But what's on my mind at this moment isn't the value of trade ins, it's the dead nigger in my garage.
  3. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Oh, Jimmie, don't even worry about that...
  4. Finch's Avatar
    You should tell this guy about this new store called "the pawn shop".
  5. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    But then I'd lose that extra $50 a week!
  6. Pineapple's Avatar
    I have nothing intelligent to add here.
    Updated 24 Jun 2010 at 08:11 PM by Some Stupid Japanese Name
  7. K3V's Avatar
    Another quality entry in the Game Craze saga. Seen your girlfriend lately?
  8. Fe 26's Avatar
    There are guys like the guy at the end of your story in every town in the US.

    When I go into a pawn shop and see crap like "Barnie's big adventure" or Disney VHS tapes, I know Mr. Crackhead has been by.
  9. Josh's Avatar
    There is a pawn shop around here with a stroller, and a pink and white bike with training wheels in the window. Makes me sad.
  10. Finch's Avatar
    You guys realize that some people just unload stuff at pawn shops when their kids get too old for it, right?
  11. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    The man of the hour just came in to pick up his stuff. There's something gratifying about a man thanking you for fucking him over.
  12. GohanX's Avatar
    For some reason, I always love reading stories of stupid people at video game stores. It's extra gratifying thinking about SSJN's asshole TNL persona in an actual retail location. I think this should be a new reality TV series.
  13. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
  14. Geen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX
    I think this should be a new reality TV series.
    I'd watch it.


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