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I'm Four Years Older, Yet I Haven't Aged a Day

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Today marks the day that I return to school as an undergrad. Over the past six months, my perspective towards school has turned a complete one-eighty. Originally, it was a simple obligation to fulfill the general expectations of me. Then it was a source of all of my troubles, considering that my motivations for succeeding were coming from without. Now, it serves not only as a career-builder, but also as a personal proving ground, giving me the opportunity to tie up loose ends.

So now here I am, taking a course in the same classroom as I was in for my first class four years ago. Looking around, I face a new set of challenges, most of them revolving around, "Is she legal?" and "Is she legal?" My worries about looking out of place were assuaged later in the day, when someone asked me, "What are you, a freshman? Sophomore?" It's sometimes nice having youthful genes.

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  1. kingoffighters's Avatar
    School is a good thing once you have some real life/work experience because you will be more focused and motivated to do what you want to do. I think taking a year sabbatical after HS would be a good experience for everyone.
  2. Rated E's Avatar
    I agree, after having to take a semester off I did much better going back, and now I'm on a break again (ran out of money). I don't mind becauce I ended up doing a bunch of stuff most of my friends don't have a clue about, and now that they've graduated they can't get a job or have been working worse jobs than I am. I can't wait to go back though.
  3. K3V's Avatar
    Agreed, I went back to get my degree after working a number of years and definitely put a lot more effort in and got more out of it than if I had just kept on going.
  4. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    As much as I loved college, I couldn't wait to start earning. Now that I do, I'm pretty happy. Of course I have a drive in me that always wants more, but I think everyone has it to some extent.
  5. Tones's Avatar
    Razor, I was the same way. I have been working since I was fourteen, and don't anticipate stopping any time soon. I am currently employed full-time, and going to school part-time. Insurance and all of that other living bullshit is just to expensive, and I don't like debt.


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