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Dream Interpretation

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Last night I had a dream that I had a kid (no pregnancy, no labor) just an infant that came from no where. I didn't really want it, but my mom talked me into it. I was also swayed by the fact that it looked like me.

(I decided to name her "Abigail" so that I could call her Abby, and tell people "I have a daughter named Abby, and a cat named Abby" and I laughed about it in my dream).

So, I put her to sleep in a crib in a basement. It was a live-in basement, but still dark and lonely. I spent the entire day upstairs at some family reunion, and then 10 hours later I realized the kid was still down there, in complete darkness. I though "it's been sleeping this whole time? No, wait, they don't sleep that long, it's probably in terrible condition, maybe dead!"

So I rushed down there, and the kid was stiring and then stood up to look at me, it had suddenly aged 4-5 years. It spoke to me, like "yeah you left me down here." The mood changed from me talking to "my child" to me talking to a younger version of myself.

After bringing her upstairs to be around the family, it didn't take long for me to start correcting her behavior. Scolding her a bit. Then the dream ended.

Some might see this as a subconscious longing to mother, but that isn't what the dream is about. This is your typical "neglect" dream, that often occures when you're neglecting some aspect of your life. Normally these neglect dreams feature academics or pets, but in this case it was a child, a representation of myself. The dream shows there is some awareness of my behavior, because I scolded myself.

It is strange that I had this dream last night, because today something happened that made me realize how much of a child I still really am.

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  1. Finch's Avatar
    No, Abigail is your child. Be kind to her.


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