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Rhythm Heaven DS

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Rhythm Heaven, DS- finished about a week ago, started maybe 2 weeks before that. Great game. Flicking in the game takes a bit getting used to. I think that when timing flicks, the game registers the lifting of the stylus as the 'press', so if you make a tiny 1 cm flick, it will be slightly faster than a long 2 inch flick.

Perfected all songs. Had the worst time with the space soccer part of Remix 6, I believe. Soccer->Lockstep transition. I think Space soccer doesn't have a distinct enough beat for me, especially since the KICK sound effect plays when you tap, meaning you can create your own (wrong) beat timing.

Also went back after a couple days and got all S's on the extra 'guitar lessons' and played the guitar tryouts. I don't think there are any saved ranks for those, so I'm pretty sure I'm done. Played all mini games once each just to get a high score, I'm sure the scores are terrible.

I was going to put Demon's Souls into this post but after writing half of what I wanted to say, realized it would be way too long, so I'll separate them.

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