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Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii)

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I really didn't enjoy this game. I'll try to explain, but I've thought about it a lot of different ways and I don't think this is going to flow very well.

A bunch of people on TNL had nothing but praise for this, especially compared to the DS game, which people seemed to like much less. Could be that I had too high hopes, but I really think its worse, by a lot.

First, I think my TV lag is doing a serious number on my timing. Of course, RH is supposed to be all about the sound, and music, but I think in a bunch of the mini games, watching the screen actually made me do worse, which never happened on the DS. For several of them (with endless button pressing-Monkey Watch, Stepping something) I did much better when I just looked away from the screen completely, which I think is a negative for the game.

Next, despite having all of 2 buttons, I really dislike the controls. It could be the lag talking, but the Wii buttons are just squishy. Also, when trying to time things, I tend to overextend, and when pressing both A and B it becomes an entire hand motion, not just a simple button press, so in really long or hard stages my hand would get tired.

But in the end, my main gripe is about the music.

RHDS was all about the music. The graphics and sound effects were good, but for almost all of the songs, it was about the song. As long as you followed that, you could do well, similar to a music game. Plus, I really really liked most of the songs. The stages I enjoyed the least probably had the worst music.

RH Fever is about the sound effects. The songs, if the mini-game even has a song, are mostly background noise, and completely forgettable. They're just setting the stage for loud exciting sound effects. The Rhythm that you are trying to follow is often just a repeating series of sound effects, which is frankly not as fun, and not as engaging, which probably led to me doing badly. On top of that, when you press buttons, the result is of course another sound effect... meaning that when you start doing badly, it just goes from bad to worse.

I have a lot of complaints about separate mini games, but in the end, I think that is the main 'problem' with this game. It could just not be my style- maybe people really don't care for music like that in RHDS, and enjoy timing sound effects more. There are some stages that do have music, and some of the others are good and fun even without strong music. But I think my view of the game is just slanted negative. I can barely think of the positives without remembering something I really want to complain about.

I'm 100% going to edit this while sitting in front of a list of all of the mini games too, so I can pick each one apart. I'm just really surprised about how much positive reaction this game received. I have so many complaints about it that I'm convinced I'm being irrational about it. I'll start the mini game list off with the worst offenders:

Love Rap- easily the worst, possibly because I have no lyrical flow. I'm sure that is the rebuttal to disliking these stages, but for me this was just shit.

Monkey Watch- This is so simple, but so bad. It combines every single gimmick to make a stage hard, leading to just annoyance- constant button presses; sound effect based timing, meaning you can screw yourself up; easy to rely on graphics, until oh wait, we're putting something in front of the screen; are you still looking at the screen? well, we're going to zoom way out, so just don't; are you tired of the exact same thing that you've been doing after the first 20 seconds of the song? Too bad, this level is going to go on forever; and at the end of the stage just to fuck with you? Yeah, we'll stop the music, AND zoom out at the same time, so there's nothing but your own timing to keep you from screwing up that perfect. Have fun.

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