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Blogs n shit.

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I've been invited by two people to play game tourneys and what not, but I have not found an option anywhere to accept or decline. I have also tried to post a blog entry but obviously I'm just a retard since I couldn't figure it out. I'm apparently posting now. How do I join in the gaming? This new TNL I am liking less every day.

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Updated 01 Jul 2010 at 11:24 PM by Nick



  1. Nick's Avatar
    It's pretty easy: go to the Arcade and right at the top you will see the tournament area. Pick the active tournament you want to be in and click the link that says "Sign Up."

    I'm still working on a user guide to the new TNL, but the upgrades are only about 90% finished at this point. I'm devoting what free time I have, but - really - it's okay to ask. You are encouraged to PM me if you don't want to ask a how-to in public.
  2. Pineapple's Avatar
    I have no problems admitting I'm a moron when it comes to figuring out even basic web stuff. I was about to say I couldn't find the arcade and then I found it, nevermind. Thanks Nick.


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