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Something, Something, Something New Stuff

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Sadly, yours truly, Nick and most of the usual crew that attend E3 aren't actually flying out to the sunny state. We've literally got a skeleton crew going in our place, consisting of Shidoshi, James and Raz. I wish them the best since they're more or less going "appointment free".

In a way, it's sort of liberating as I get to kick back and watch other people scramble around with their laptops to keep the gamers back home abreast of what's to come. I am only interested in a few things (based on what I've actually made an effort to read up on): Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Project Natal, Gears of War 3, Bionic Commando 2. I know there's other stuff coming down the pipeline that I'll eventually want to pick up. It's hard to justify paying $60 for any game these days with this economic slump that seems to have no end in sight.

Well, I am glad to see our latest upgrade was pulled off with minimal difficulty. cka has once again flexed his tech muscles and delivered something that's bound to be a great tool to enhance our community and attract new blood along the way.

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  1. Nick's Avatar
    I prefer to think of the crew as "going commando" to E3. But I am in desperate need of sleep.
  2. Korly's Avatar
    Without you there, who's gonna be our fighting game specialist?
  3. bahn's Avatar


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