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Razor Ramon

Drinking Alone

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Today is the only day not only out of my four-day vacation but of my next few weekends which I have all to myself. I got a few things done, got back to the gym, cleaned a little bit, and gathered supplies for the next two days. Now I'm home, in my room, doing nothing but reading the news, TNL, and having a drink.

So to those of you who are enjoying some well-earned time off from the doldrums of your work, social, and/or personal life, I toast to thee.

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Updated 03 Jul 2010 at 10:32 PM by Razor Ramon



  1. Thief Silver's Avatar
    Fuck that, let me go get some beer and let's fuck around on street fighter or something.
  2. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Fuck that. I don't wanna turn on my 360. I'm enjoying this quiet more than you can understand.
  3. Thief Silver's Avatar
    I read that wrong anyways, for some reason I thought you were complaining about it, I gotcha. I may just go do the same anyways.
  4. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Been a long day as well. Hope you have a good 4th Ramon. When are you leaving for Weed Land?
  5. Dyne's Avatar
    I went out Thursday night. Stayed out till 3, had to work at 6:30 on Friday. Just sat around and did nothing Friday night. It was fantastic. Went out again tonight but I was the dd and still spent $30. I', at that point where I'm enjoying being productive on weekends.
  6. Satsuki's Avatar
    god bless quiet time.
  7. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters
    Been a long day as well. Hope you have a good 4th Ramon. When are you leaving for Weed Land?
    I leave at the end of August/the beginning of September. I chose Amsterdam because I can hop anywhere else for cheap.


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