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Pikmin (GC)

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You know what's depressing? When I fired this up on my Wii, the title screen read "Nintendo 2001." That makes me feel incredibly old and dying.

ANYWAY, what can you really say about this game except Nintendo RTS-lite? And fun. I'm just really, really happy that they didn't try to cram an existing character into this and went with an original universe. They could easily have made this starring Mario, Kirby, or maybe even Captain Falcon. You know Nintendo would do this. They could've made little robot Marios, made Kirby shit out little versions of himself, or have Captain Falcon punch or race something but instead they chose to be awesome, and thank you for that.

The environments are great, it feels like you're shrunken down and diddling around in a planet that very closely resembles Earth. The Pikmin are designed to be instantly likable and extremely fragile just to fuck with you, and it works pretty well. Losing 20+ Pikmin at once due to an error or oversight, even though they are easily replaced, will have serious emotional ramifications that will probably make you redo that day in the game. Unless you're fucking Hitler or something.

I've heard people complain about the time limit imposed on you by the game (30 game days before you croak), but it is a total non-issue. Finishing a day gives you the option to either save your progress or continue from your previous save, using your newfound knowledge to repair your ship far more efficiently. It's possible to do in 10 days, easy in 20, pathetic in 30. Stop crying.

Pikmin Are So Cute! =D

- Controls are simple and easy to learn, game is pretty fun!

Emperor Bulblax Ate My Reds =[

- Combat is a little iffy because aiming is a little iffy because the camera is a little iffy. I wish you could rotate it around independent of which direction Olimar is facing.
- Game is kind of short, but it kind of had to be since there are literally about 5 things to do in the game (fight, build bridges, break walls, use bombs, carry shit) and they would get very repetitive in a longer game.
- There really are no secrets, extras, or unlockables. There is absolutely no incentive at all to ever play this game a second time (unless you missed some ship parts) except for funsies, and everyone knows that's not enough these days.

That Shiny Bug Just Ran Past My Dudes Into the Water and Killed Like All of Them D=

- At first, you are using up Pikmin lives to save your own, but later on it's just for greedy shit like your piggy bank.
- It's ok though, because it feels like the Pikmin were kind of dicks on their own before you showed up.
- Fuck the Emperor Bulblax fight.

I think everyone should play this game for like $20.

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  1. YellerDog's Avatar

    Everybody likes the sequel more, but it's got a lot of fairly questionable sponsorship ad nonsense going on.
  2. NeoZeedeater's Avatar
    I love both Pikmin games. Number 2 is my top 10-20 games ever. I feel calling them "RTS-lites" can give people the impression that they're just dumbed down versions of existing RTS games, though. They're really more a mix of genres, especially part 2 which has a large dungeon crawl aspect to it. I agree that the time limit complaints for Pikmin 1 are stupid. You would have to suck pretty bad to be screwed over by it. It's sad Nintendo gave into those complaints and removed it for the Wii port.
  3. kingoffighters's Avatar
    You inspired me to open my copy of Wii Pikmin. Maybe.
  4. Compass's Avatar
    I'm totally the type of person to be turned off by the time limit, but once I played the game, I actually liked how it forced me to be efficient. You actually had to plan out what you wanted to get done that day instead of just winging it (or at least the time limit made you think you did, and I wasn't about to test it). Well, I have to get this many parts in this many days, so I need to be averaging so-and-so parts a day. Then, when you got a bunch of parts in one day, it was like, phew! Now, I can relax a little.

    That said, I definitely don't want that kind of pressure (real or not) in most of my games. It was nice for a change, though.
  5. Rated E's Avatar
    I enjoyed this game, and felt HORRIBLE if any of my pikmin died. =(
  6. GohanX's Avatar
    I've never played a Pikmin game. Mzo has made me interested.
  7. Fe 26's Avatar
    Mzo writes the best blogs
  8. Cowutopia's Avatar
    I think I got through the whole game losing zero pikmin until the last fight and then I was just like oh fuck it.

    And by losing zero pikmin I mean I replayed shit if I died. The first time I walked across some water and lost ALL of my red pikmin I seriously freaked the fuck out and cried a little. I was like oh my god no little pikmin it's ok! I can help you out! Please god let me get you out of the water omg...and then they all drowned because I realized what was happening too late. God it sucked!
  9. Geen's Avatar
    I really need to play and finish this.
    I think the pikmin turning into little angel spirits is what makes people really upset.
  10. its me's Avatar
    O yeah! thats the only thing you are good at, right?


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