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LB log - 20130705

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Today's retail shift only got interesting at the end of it, and it's all from something that happened to one of my coworkers. You may recall me mentioning this gentlemen before as being the one who supposedly has all kinds of women chasing after him - as it turns out, more men are now doing so as well. A particular customer found a way to keep crossing paths with the coworker within the course of an hour, and the interaction reached its height when the customer proposed if the coworker would like to make some money. The coworker asked "How?" and in response the customer made repeated glances at his own waist. The coworker peacefully declined but wasn't as amicable about the situation when he subsequently told it to me. I guess it's some kind of progress that homosexual men may now feel at liberty to propose prostitution to store employees while they're at work.

CubeWorld is out and I must admit that I'm quite intrigued by the graphical style and the fact that the game is being made by a single person. His independence has also resulted in the game being made available online with a restrictive registration and payment process, and the result is that there are many dissatisfied potential customers who cannot obtain the game, and others who are taking the extra step to DDOS the site where the game is sold. That strikes me as a lot of unnecessary anger and action.

A program being shown on CSPAN was a conference titled "Hackers, Leakers, and Investigative Journalism". I looked forward to watching it, but the part I managed to catch was of the female speaker struggling with the slideshow program more than talking. Before that annoyance, there were harrowing details were given about those jailed for making protests or undertaking other forms of civil disobedience. Rather depressing.

Song session was quite good today. Six increases are on the tally, though most of them are pretty minor. I'm In Love Again is rather inexplicable, and the end chart shows the new record play being substantially better over the latter course of the song - what's worse is that I could have Full Comboed the chart if I hadn't had muffed a simple scratch somewhere in the beginning.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
everlasting resort @	34.76 D		1193.F	395.403.509.170.537	0089	1716			2013-07-06T02:27:26:965Z
			06.73-		0231-

dancer @		70.83 A		1370.P	530.310.98.14.34	0233	0967			2013-07-06T02:30:08:061Z
			05.01-		0097-

change the world @	55.12 C		1936.F	704.528.316.59.303	0075	1756			2013-07-06T02:33:02:213Z
			00.88-		0031-

luv to me ucchies @	68.66 A		1177.F	440.	0125	0857			2013-07-06T02:35:32:221Z
			01.92-		0033-

get out @		52.28 C		1991.F	718.555.354.103.387	0050	1904	1090	074.67	2013-07-06T02:39:09:021Z
			00.47+		0018+	14+10-3+3-2+		0012-				2012-04-23T00:50:46:694Z

agnus dei @		54.67 C		1603.F	602.399.246.62.304	0047	1466	1051	039.48	2013-07-06T02:51:07:885Z
			00.80+		0004+	20+36-35-12+58+		0004-				2012-04-05T00:27:00:742Z

deadline @		58.06 B		1807.F	667.473.282.47.195	0128	1556			2013-07-06T02:54:38:885Z
			00.96-		0030-

night flight to tokyo @	67.86 A		1793.F	688.417.164.18.110	0209	1321	0864	052.89	2013-07-06T02:58:25:252Z
			01.63+		0018+	33+48-12+2-3-		0101+				2012-04-04T00:41:32:798Z

im in love again @	76.39 A		0683.P		0377	0447	0447	0	2013-07-06T03:01:44:221Z
			06.93+		0062+	27+8+28-1-5-		0261+				2012-12-06T02:14:00:011Z

free			43.69 D		1877.F	672.533.379.211.710	0077	2148	1140	088.42	2013-07-06T03:07:24:148Z
			00.17+		0007+	16+25-44-28+116+	0006+				2012-05-23T00:25:44:906Z

survival game @		45.32 C		1686.F	575.536.392.161.539	0070	1860			2013-07-06T03:11:53:844Z
			01.58-		0059-

implantation @		35.94 D		1253.F	417.419.494.202.644	0043	1743	1153	051.17	2013-07-06T03:15:34:348Z
			00.20+		0007+	8+9-14-67+117+		0049-				2012-04-30T00:41:38:705Z

pandora @		65.23 B		1430.F	519.392.139.19.81	0426	1096			2013-07-06T03:19:12:925Z
			02.91-		0064-

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