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Razor Ramon

Wedding season

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So the time is upon where couples are rushing to get to the altar and sign a contract stating they will pool their resources together and if they happen to separate it may lead to financial ruin. Even knowing this, everyone wants to get married. It's disheartening. I'm even going to be in a TNLer's wedding party *cough cough* but he will do what he does. The alternative choice isn't the best bet.

Anyway, weddings are a blast. I meet great people, I get down, and I act a clown. Ever since entering my 20s weddings have been commonplace each year for me. I love attending most weddings because I get to drink for free and have a great time. I don't know if the men entering these marriages know the commitment they are signing up for.

It makes me sad to see so many people getting married so young. I'm going to be 26 and I already know three couples either my age or younger who are married. I believe I'll never understand the desire to commit so strongly to one person. I'm not saying relationships don't work. They do! For some, anyway. But why is getting married even necessary anymore? If you get divorced, no one should get any money except children. Both parents should be able to stand on their own two feet and make money for the family. And it should not be such a drawn-out and costly process.

Whatever, I don't think this has a point really. I'm just bored at work and ranting. Maybe soon I'll make an entry that people will actually enjoy.

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  1. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    pooresita Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
  2. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Your mother hasn't been a bride but she's always painted white.
  3. Anthony's Avatar
    For me weddings are make or break with the music selection. Usually I enjoy weddings where the people dj their own shit and hate it when they hire people. Quite frankly, if I have to sit down for 2 hours of shitty music, I will be forcing my smile.

    That being said, most weddings I have been to I have enjoyed myself as well. Really new people are a ton of fun, I don't see what there isn't to like. I mean if they are boring you can always break off the conversation and find someone new to talk to.
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