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Why I Hate Editing

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Let's say when you die, you get to write your own eulogy. But you can't just make shit up. You have to use what's there.

You look back on every sec of your life with a comb and magnifying glass, every detail, every mistake. And you can't re-do or change any of it. You can just manipulate it or hide it.

But hiding it is not that simple. You have to hide it really good... where no one is looking, notices and wonders, "Hey! What just happened there??" So, you try to divert their attention while you spin it into something good.

That's what editing is like. You can never spin gold out of straw, but at least you can make a hat.

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Updated 21 Jul 2010 at 02:06 PM by Doc Holliday

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  1. kingoffighters's Avatar
  2. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    In a former life I video taped weddings and loved editing all the various angles and segments together, syncing music up, doing titles, and shit.
    Obviously, trying to edit a movie is much more difficult, but it wasn't my material I was trying to edit.
    I think it's harder to know what and where to chop when you're so close to the material.
    I have immense respect for the couple of creators who can both direct and then be able to take a step back and trim away the fat til it all fits together perfectly. Harder still if you also wrote the material.
    That takes a lot of talent to pull off.
  3. Satsuki's Avatar
    I love editing writing - I usually am lazy about my own typing but I am excellent at nitpicking assignments and essays and such. I have not ever edited a film or movie file or whatever, it sounds incredibly boring and tedious.
  4. Pineapple's Avatar
    I speak only the truth when I write my stories of Doc. No editing involved (besides replacing some curse words).
  5. Dolemite's Avatar
    Editing is my favorite part of the filmmaking process. I make magic happen, yo.


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