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    Aw, man. That's too bad. Well, you know where to find me if you wanna be innernet friends. Take care!
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    Yeah, dude. SSJN is one of the least hateful people here. I know he's a jackass and that he gets under your skin, but don't let it get to you. SSJN may bother you, but a lot of these posters are jackals. They'll attack and they won't let you go unless you just ignore them for a long time. There are some established posters who get the same treatment! There are also a lot of people who just attack when they see someone more popular attack.
    If you don't let it get to you so much, most people around here will treat you okay and only the worst ones will ever bother you. You gotta have kind of thick skin on TNL. I know it's juvenile and childish, but that's the way it is here. There are some great people here too!
    The art board people are mostly really nice folk. Put some artwork up!
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    It's a bit of an "id-zone", most are are living vicariously through their internet handles because it's traditionally been kind of a self-selecting safe place for it! SSJN's gonna SSJN, we've an ignore feature on here if he's being a bit much. I think the initial wave of having a controversial new figure, and a girl at that oh golly, may have passed.
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    I think I may be off of TNL this weekend. Check your PMs please.
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    Alli I'm sending you a PM later tonight.
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    I'm terrible at sarcasm!
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    Sorry about all that. I suspect things have been taken quite a bit too far.
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    Frustrated Nerd Welcoming Committee 2011, right?
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    If you look up what I posted you'd get the history behind my post. I wasn't seriously asking you for anything.
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    Yeah, this is my facebook:

    I'm not really on there a lot though.
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    I take it you're not a fan of Eazy-E...
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    Thanks! You should put your artwork up on a Tumblr or something!
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    I like that one too. I'm have a fairly large amount of her b sides which are fun.
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    That's cool! That's my stuff. I'll probably go to some other media next time i have enough money to buy some acrylics or oils. I've never even used oil paints before.
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    Good lookin on the Tori Amos. I'm a big fan myself.
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    Welcome. Wow that pre med must keep ya busy.
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    I use watercolors mostly and i draw in "gentle style" according to Yellerdog. It's all cartoon stuff. I'm not too serious about my artwork, i just enjoy painting and drawing.
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student, pre-med
I'm a student, pre-med. I'm also an advocate for BPD and I fight to correct the unfair stigma created by ignorant people.

If it causes you anger to see me on here, feel free to refrain from looking at my profile and try ignoring me, instead of posting insults. Be a big boy, not a spoiled brat.
medicine, BPD advocacy, painting, horror movies, reading, avoiding sociopaths and ex's who like to give each other revenge fucks.
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NES and DS
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Dragon Warrior 4
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Into Another, Tori Amos


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by allisonbrie on 12 Nov 2011 at 10:00 PM
It amazes me how ignorant and cruel people can be. I think it's hilarious how these petty little boys hide behind their computers, spending their time being nasty. But they would never say any of it to my face, because they are whimps. The internet attracts sick people and gives them a fake set of what they're lacking.

This site has thousands of registered users and yet there seems to be a small group that think they own the site and probably ruin it for everyone else. Get a life,

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