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  1. Hi No One.
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    Thanks, man! And, yeah, papple's birthday game is something else.
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    If you can dig a Wii U out of a dumpster you should get Tokyo Mirage Sessions because it's a good game that will be overlooked
  5. I also like that it's the chick's fault she doesn't get off, because SHE'S the one bad at sex.
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    It's running well on Steam? It's running like runkadunk on Wii U! Now I really just wish they picked a platform (probably Steam/PS4) and went with it instead of porting it to a million things where it was guaranteed to have problems
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    Good man! The feeling of a new stick is always glorious, you've done well.
  9. Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday dude, I hope your day is full of great games, food, and boobs. Mostly boobs, though.
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    I was playing Shadowrun Returns and wow is it good. Unfortunately I started the Dragonfall campaign, not realizing that it was released again later with lots of new stuff. It's okay because I'll only be happy to start it over again after I'm done with the original story.
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    Thanks man I appreciate it! Got a half day of work and then I'm going to hopefully jump back onto that series we love so much! I can think of no better way to spend the day
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    Since 12 at least. It belongs in the world where IX isn't out yet but VII and VIII never happened.
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    Bravely Default is the best ever
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    the Paul Blart anime is the best
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    I greatly appreciate your reputation comment.
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    Not sure if I am happy or sad about it.
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    My pleasure! I have one, too. I love that little guy.
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    lots of spoilers if you ever want to go back but
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    i hate this but it's amazing. i don't know if it's in the game or not
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    It's an awful mess of a game that i like anyway. Clearly a lot of thought was put into it but it seems like it was by several dozen people who never communicated and they were all just "here's what i have" and then Tabata was like "Okay, you know what we can make this work."

    i think this is what actually happened. Even the music is a bunch of REALLY COOL riffs with some meandering noise and sometimes it's seriously awful atonal stuff that i can't believe was made by anyone who knows anything about composing music.

    Type-0 is fascinatingly bad in a way that few games are. The more i think about it the more i want to play it again to study how it became so bad. Every Final Fantasy turns into a weird mess at some point (III, IV, and IX do so the least that i think about it) but Type-0 takes the crown from FFXIII and FFVIII and puts it on its ass.
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    Conception II is pretty fun so you can enjoy it as much as you want and sing "Congratraaaaaaations on yoh new ahlival"
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