• Opaque's Avatar
    16 May 2021, 04:47 PM
    When I was like 10 I wanted to create kid Mortal Kombat characters and the general idea I had was a kid who had portals in his palms, so he could...
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  • Timber's Avatar
    16 May 2021, 01:02 PM
    Wood may have triggered my inner nerdrage when he said No Mercy was the first WWF game in the AKI series.
    5 replies | 127 view(s)
  • Opaque's Avatar
    12 May 2021, 11:53 AM
    I remember the novelty of G4 being that there wasn't anything like it on TV and Youtube was not what it is today, so the content they made was...
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  • Opaque's Avatar
    12 May 2021, 11:24 AM
    Opaque replied to a thread The Dead Thread in Sound Off
    Yeah when her death popped up on reddit I was like "I've never seen this person in my life" and while being the chick from a Whitesnake video isn't...
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  • Opaque's Avatar
    11 May 2021, 05:06 PM
    3 replies | 310 view(s)
  • Nick's Avatar
    06 May 2021, 12:48 PM
    Nick replied to a thread TNL in Sound Off
    Sorry for triple-posting. Does it seem better now?
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  • Nick's Avatar
    06 May 2021, 12:38 PM
    Nick replied to a thread TNL in Sound Off
    There is very high CPU usage. I think that's causing significant slowdown. I see what it is.
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  • Nick's Avatar
    06 May 2021, 12:28 PM
    Nick replied to a thread TNL in Sound Off
    Hm. How long have the boards been slower than usual? I'm not sure about cka's status. I haven't talked with him in a while.
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  • Nick's Avatar
    06 May 2021, 12:41 AM
    Nick replied to a thread TNL in Sound Off
    Hey, nearly fifty members have read this thread. It might get up to 443 posts too. What did I miss with Josh? I wasn't aware there was a falling...
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  • Timber's Avatar
    03 May 2021, 11:34 AM
    I have this digitally already but I'm still grabbing the normal edition. Probably going to pre-order the NGPC collection with it as well. ...
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  • Opaque's Avatar
    28 Apr 2021, 03:40 PM
    Opaque replied to a thread TNL in Sound Off
    That would be morphix, him and his brother got money when their mom died. He bought every game that came out every week regardless of if he would...
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  • Opaque's Avatar
    27 Apr 2021, 09:06 PM
    Opaque replied to a thread TNL in Sound Off
    I haven't been paying attention but has Drew been like flaunting massive wealth or just does it come across that he lives comfortably?
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  • Opaque's Avatar
    26 Apr 2021, 11:28 PM
    White privileged kid just straight dropped the N word in his 5th ever song. What a fucking lunatic. EDIT: Oh apparently this isn't the first time and...
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  • Timber's Avatar
    17 Apr 2021, 10:10 AM
    Columbus Ohio (and it's many suburbs) is in a similar situation. My condo is worth almost 150% of what it was when I bought it 2.5 years ago.
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    Dude, you still hanging on that website: jocuri
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    Hello (echo) (echo)?
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    You need to visit more often.
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  5. View Conversation
    I had fun hanging with ya tonight -- wish it could've been longer though. I should just stay out in LA for a week one year.
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    Just sayin hi SP
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    Sho' 'nuff, sho'tnin'.
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    Well, I didnt see nearly enough of the area as I had to do the family thing, but definitely Mt. Rainier. I hear the Cascades and Hoe Ntl Park are beautiful too, so Ill have to check them out next time. Didnt see any of the city, space needle, or Kurt Kobains home though :/
    If you dont lock yourself indoors for a week or two when Fable 2 comes out, then you arent nerdy enough, Elaine. I dont care how much DS Lite or Soul Calibur you play
    Cool, about the band. Ill check them out when I get home from work tonight...
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    Nothing wrong with being honest about your strengths! In fact, I wish more people did that more often - not be full of themselves but at least give credit where credit is due.

    Right now I'm working at Disney doing apparel design. To brag a bit, I went to school for illustration but had a job doing ad designs for 3 and half years. So I can manage quite a range of stuff, work well with groups of people, stay focused on a task and its deadline no matter how the circumstances change, and I've dealt quite a bit with management.

    How's that for tooting? =p
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    Ah HA! I see.
    It's of Ziltoid, the Omniscient. http://www.myspace.com/ziltoidtheomniscient
    Check it out, the quote under my avatar is the first line of the the second song on that site, but the music is phenomenal and funny and changes pace many times so it's pretty cool. The guy in my sig is the one who created him and plays all the music.
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    Yeah,anything over 12 hours is too much on a train (unfortunately I came to this conclusion at the 13 hour mark :/), met a few cool people on the ride though, a friend I made on the way back had a cooler full of beer, so that made most of the ride home a little more tolerable .But,yeah went there to see family I havent seen in... 15 years? been awhile. Seattle is beautiful, you should go if you get the chance - everything is green and alive there compared to southern california.
    tired of going out? I'm feeling guilty because I dont go out nearly enough, especially to shows - maybe you need a little more geekiness in your life - for every cool show you go to, kick back and play some xbox/read a book so the cool show stuff doesnt get old too quick, is this the same band you were talking about around the time of the TNL LA meet-up?
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    In my profile or on the boards?
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    Pretty good pretty good, thanks for askin - Just got back from a trip to Seattle (38 hour train ride :/) - never rode a train so wanted to try it out, but god after that first 12 hours I wanted to run the fuck off that thing -what have you been up to? How is city life treatin ya?
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    Much better,me likey.
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    I get paid to draw, went to school to draw, and borrowed a lot of money to draw. Can't wait for those payments to kick in...

    What do you like about business admin or business in general?
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    absolutely! Born and raised around here! Norwalk, Bellflower, went to school in Cerritos. I still lived in Norwalk through most of school and moved in my last 2 years. Good luck on transferring, I heard it's getting competitive at CSULB. What are you studying at school and what would you like to do when you're out?
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    You know me, I have a thing for strange and perverted Asian men
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    not too bad - I can't remember how much but it wasn't terribly expensive. They take your ID from the start and then you pay when you get back, so it's only for the time you actually spend riding. I kinda want to get my own bike so I can go riding on the weekends.

    How long did you live in LB? Did you go to school out here too?
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    Oh, and please, for the love of god change your av, it makes me think of Advocate every time I see it, and I DO NOT want to correlate those feelings with the ones I have for you
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    Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond Pearl!!!!

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    it's not super close to the marina though - it's along Anaheim on the west side of PCH (where it starts getting ghetto but isn't quite there).

    OH! Paddleboats are more fun than I thought! Even rented a bike and rode up and down Shoreline all evening! Good times.
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    yeah, gameplay sometimes gets things in early, and they always sell stuff under retail. New 360 games for $56 instead of 60. Not much, but it's helpful. And they have a lot of used games, imports, and goofy game knick-knacks

    I like the ferris wheel at the pike! The theater is nice too, but I tend to go down to the marina on PCH since it's close to my apartment.

    Do you still frequent LB? And what is there to do in Lakewood? I've only gone through to get to Norwalk, or check out their Best Buy and mall. =p
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    Belmont Shore! 2nd St. specifically. Have you ever had food at Le Crepery? Love that place!

    Pike is nice too, Signal Hill has a great view coming down the hill and most importantly LB has Gameplay, the greatest alternative to Gamestop I've ever found.
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    Hey SP! What is it you <3 about LB anyway?
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    Not much, SapphirePhoenix (if that is your real name).
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