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    Happy Birthday shidoshi!!!
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    Boshi, unban the Don and Gomo-chan will be reborn...
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    Are you still letting your hair grow? Is it weird I want to fuss over it?
  4. I just subscribed to EGM again. How dumb of a move was that? Is there a reason you and The Tool haven't had an article posted online since September?
    Also: Holy shit, how long is your hair?
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    Boshi-dono, did you discontinue your morning mayonnaise? I always go there, hoping for your return...
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    i am sad you don't know what this is from, because it'll just be another artifact of innernet.
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    Did you see the new Gamefan with the retro reviews?
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    Shibosh, i want Princess Tea Sun to be released and i want it to have 16-bit graphics and Sega-CD animation anime cut-scenes.
    Also it should be in 5 parts. Part 1 is the adventure of a rag tag troupe of children who discover the ruined kingdom of Tea Sun that is covered by a poisonous miasma. In part 2 they learn that they are descendants of the legendary Tea Kingdom Princesses, whom they finally meet in part 3. Part 4 is a prequel detailing the fall of Princess Compass and the Sun Tea Kingdom and part 5 is the exciting conclusion where she redeems herself and with the help of the other princesses she uses the last bit of her life force to seal the evil away.
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    How wude.
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    You were just copying me.
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    Fuck you I'm bulletproof.
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    Click for full size
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    So, in this virtual pet app I get to send messages to Japanese people, which is fun because they type shitty English to me, and I type shitty Japanese to them. I've been using "Moshi Moshi!" as kind of an informal "Hello" but I guess that's a greeting exclusively for the phone? I had a good laugh after learning that, but I wanted to ask if it really sounds ridiculous typing that to someone, or if it's passable? I guess I could ask bbobb if you're not sure.
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's a shame redheads look bad wearing pink, isn't it?
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    I actually thought about that just the other day!

    You know, it's because of YOU my name isn't still pink.
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    That story was bad-ass. Well done.
  20. What has this world come to when I see a Mr. Eric Patterson article in EGM?!
    You've broken the hearts of many Game Fans sir.

    But seriously, glad to see you in print, even if it was just a lil piece. I saw Casey in there too. Can Nick be far behind?
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  23. cka puts out.
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    PS. I will be sending out your money today, with a little bonus for me taking so long.
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    Sweet man thank you will do!

    And its Josh Reitz
    122 Belmeade Rd
    Rochester NY 14617
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