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  1. I had to get my car from the shop, and that meant we were going to have to probably do the show after SWF, but now Mr. Negron cancelled that idea.
    I mean...not being a smart video game fan?
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    Read the first volume of Otomen, and it reminded me of you. Main character is a guy who tries to conceal his love of everything girly and feminine, and I guess his father left his mom to become a woman.
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    You hate me.
  6. Yeah, as soon as I said it, I realized that I had and felt bad for doing so.
  7. I'm listening to the latest podcast. You used a very unlady like word to describe that fire fighter game. Thankfully, no one was in the store to hear it!
  8. I have indeed played Avalon Code, and know exactly of which you speak.l
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    ::nods:: I take this responsibility seriously.

    You played Avalon Code, right? Tia has this crisp way of nodding that's just adorable.

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    I am curious to know what girl name you want for yourself!
  11. Haha! I'll have to mess with him about that. He did the silhouettes for my Persona PSP review, so he sure as hell knows who I am.
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    Duuuuude! I met the Play cover artist (Rob something something) at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend! He didn't seem to know "the guy who did all the cool Persona 4 stuff" for the mag I kept blabbing about.
  13. I'm cleaning, so I'm not bored. I'm making effort to be domestic!!
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    I'm bored shidoshi.
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    A whole week? Something I said to keep you away?
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    Ah, you should play it. Whether you want to farm or dungeon crawl or fish or run around giving gifts or stand in your house swinging a weapon over and over again like you're playing an MMO, it's good stuff. You know, if you're OCD. But it's Harvest Moon, after all!

    Just beware the Runeys. They'll fuck you over if you ignore them. I personally just plant fodder seeds on my entire farm's field, let it fully grow, then suck up all the runeys in all the areas. Each patch of fully grown un-harvested crop creates runeys on your farm area which you can then suck up and store. If you go an entire spring, summer, fall doing that you should have enough runeys to keep all the areas maxes for a long time, all you have to do is periodically add grass runeys to them.

    Phew. Man, runeys were so unnecessary. And then when you get married you get a goodbye kiss from your wife every morning! Desu ne.
  17. I still sadly have Rune Factory Frontier sitting un-opened waiting for my love. Oh, and don't forget Devil Survivor! Even though I'm typically not into SRPGs, it's super awesome.
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    Oh, and Rune Factory Frontier and Ar Tonelico 2. There's not enough F-chans on TNL.
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    I read your Kuzunoha Raidou 2 review on Play. I wonder if there's anyone else on TNL that's played it! It was really fun! Except the last couple chapters drag once you've uncovered all the mysteries that make the early chapters so interesting. And the main boss was lame and talked to me too much saying the same things over and over and over.
  20. I need to get around to fixing my colors, as I'm not totally happy with them. And you should totally make your profile blue / yellow / pink to match your avatar.
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    OOoooo I like the colors on your profile. I've been thinking about changing mine again.
  22. I keep thinking that you're dead, so then it hurts too much to think about answering you! I'm sorry!
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    I'm fine! Thank you!
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    Hello, friend!
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    You got it!
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