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  1. IIDX uses five tiers of judgment to determine how well you play songs (as compared to GH or RB which essentially only uses two). The first two tiers are used to form the basis of what's called "EX score", where a Perfect Great note gives 2 EX points, and a Great note gives 1 EX. A song with 1000 notes has a highest possible EX score of 2000.

    Let's look at an example entry from ( ) (BBcode isn't allowed here!):

    EX% & Rank EX.p/f combo nc onc %+ date
    100% minimoo g @ 58.72 B 1763.F 637.489.271.27.180 0107 1501 1414 006.15 2012-06-28T01:15:32:699Z
    04.81+ 0126+ 86+46-48-8+7- 0032- 2012-04-05T00:23:07:130Z

    First column is song title; the @ indicates that I used the Random note chart modifier.
    EX% and Rank: Song performance is rated on a letter grade from AAA to F, in tiers of ~11%. 100% EX Score for this chart with 1501 notes would be 3002, so 1763/3002 = 58.72%.
    EX p/f: The specific EX score and if I passed or failed the song with the play. The breakdown of how I played the song on the basis of the five judgment tiers. Notice that 637 x 2 + 489 = 1763.
    Combo: Combo is generally broken whenever a note is judged as Bad or Poor (the final two of the five judgment tiers).
    nc: The note count of the song with Extra Mode on.
    onc: The note count of the song without Extra Mode on.
    %+: The percentage increase of the song's note count with Extra Mode on over Extra Mode off.

    The second line shows any derivation from the play I just had. This play of this song got me an improvement of 4.81% in EX Score, with a specific increase of 126 EX points. The cluster under the five judgment shows the derivation of each judgment rank from the recorded entry; in this case, 86 more Just Greats, 46 less Greats, 48 less Goods, 8 more Bads, 7 less poors. The second date is retained to show what the timestamp was of the former entry which has now been surpassed.
  2. Nah, not rude at all. I don't restate what it is I'm doing with each post for the sake of not being redundant.

    The game is Beatmania IIDX, and specifically I'm using a PC simulator program called LunarBeat to play it. A similar program is called Lunatic Rave 2. For my desires and needs, the benefits (access to fan made songs, access to all songs from the game in a single location, consistent timing of songs) outweigh the detriments (unofficial program renders the timing and accomplishments ultimately incomparable to scores players acquire from playing the arcade or PS2 games). Another benefit which I particularly enjoy, and is the main basis of my score entries, is Extra Mode from the simulator programs.

    In general, when songs are made for IIDX, what is done is that all the possible individually separable sounds are formed, and the subsequent charts to be used select certain sounds as the basis for the notes to be played and automatically plays any other remaining files. What this means that for a given song, as an example; the easiest version of the chart will require playing only the bassline, whereas the difficult version has the player play the bassline and percussion. The percussion sound files are simply auto-played on the easier chart. What Extra Mode does is find all of these auto-played sounds and puts them into the song chart, which can result in dramatically more difficult song charts than were intended (and in some cases, than are physically possible).
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    dog$! I have a question for you! I've tried reading a few of your blogs, and while I'm interested in what you've got going on there I don't tend to understand it much. I see you post one like every day, with what looks like scores and things, but what are you playing? Sorry if that comes off as rude, I'm just very confused by your blog and would like to understand it better.
  4. I tried to rep you, but it wouldn't let me. I was just kidding about your blog.
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    it has recently come to my attention that "Noob" is actually my title and not a custom field entered by you in your friends list. I retract my previous comment.
  6. Sir, I did no such thing.
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    attention dog$, you call me a noob but I only signed up to this site so I could see my brother bVork's birthdate. so what?
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    dog$, may i use your wife's owl design for icarus's website design?
  9. Sir I am not.
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    You are REDICULOUS dog$
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOG$! I almost made you a thread, but i didn't.
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    dog$, i would like to be your friend if you will accept me.
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    You do have a point
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    :D <3 dog$
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LB log - 2018 Week 04

by dog$ on 29 Jan 2018 at 12:58 AM
So that's been some fun we've had yesterday with Malwarebytes, eh? That's just splendid. Thankfully I didn't lose much of anything, but man, this old laptop is not built to handle problems like that. It's thanks to that incident that I forgot to have this post ready for last night. Oh well. I was wondering why my song block looked longer than normal.

An oil change was due. I could tell the engine was running a bit rougher lately, so I take a moment before work on the last day of the

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LB log - 2018 Week 03

by dog$ on 21 Jan 2018 at 12:58 AM
I nearly forgot to post this today. That would have been a shame. I guess.

My mother did promise to prepare a special breakfast to observe my birthday, and she did deliver. A local grocery had a chocolate chip loaf of bread and she made french toast with it - a large quantity of it as well. I was very much stuffed by the time she was done with cooking.

The last time I played Alienation was over a year ago, a detail kept noted precisely to the second as that's the last

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LB log - 2018 Week 02

by dog$ on 14 Jan 2018 at 12:58 AM
I'm still getting too tired. I'll lay down early today and try to think of things like gum and freezing myself, but I'm about out of options otherwise. I'm rather unhappy with it.

One thing I failed to mention in direct response to the meeting was that it all worked well thanks to everyone's generosity. I provided transportation, another provided admission, and another provided food. Everything was spontaneous. It worked well because we made it work well.

The driving

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LB log - 2018 Week 01

by dog$ on 07 Jan 2018 at 12:58 AM
Here we go again.

It's out, and the good and bad news both is that it doesn't seem to be making any kind of impact on the grand scale of things. Looks like I'll have to play the long game after all. I guess this goes to show that any kind of gut instinct I had on this being a smash hit out of the gate was decidedly misplaced, and that staying with the course otherwise has proved to be the better decision. Meanwhile, with it being in public, it has renewed my focus on doing work for

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LB log - 2017 Week 52

by dog$ on 31 Dec 2017 at 12:58 AM
2017 ends with me being sick. A little sick. Christmas Eve started with my wife waking up to a fever of 100.3. She didn't come with me to the family gathering. With that holiday making part of it, I had four consecutive days off of work and all my body wanted to do was sleep. I could tell things were still off yesterday, and today I left for work with a body temperature of 99.6. The most recent reading when I returned home put me down to 95 somehow. Thankfully I'm not impaired enough to be bed ridden

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