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    No. No joke. I saw you post in BrBa and your screen name being five syllables and thought it'd be cool for bleak sci-fi haiku. The gang turned it into a joke haiku battle.
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    I don't get it. I shouldn't haves edited at all. I went back to the original anyway.
  3. Happy birthday!
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    yup, got Dragon's Crown today. It's hella quest-and-loot so not normally my thing but it's very pretty and all my friends want to play it
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    Let me know ahead of time! We will all grab some drinks!
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    Mmmm spank material!
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    I don't think it's terrible, but my mind could change with a few more giant dungeons full of creatures that make a beeline for me after i went just far enough to respawn the stupid things.
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    that pixel bill murray...
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    I'm partial to Macabre's tragic but happy short life of independence, Kilimanjaro was alright, and that one where the kid gets fucking nailed by the guy pretending to be a bull. That was hilarious.
  10. Let's have a ball.
    You are the only person to either get it, or acknowledge it.
    It is why you are my favorite, even more than that finch bastard.
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    THANKS FOR THE REVELAITONS! Now i will be able to play Professor Layton's most fearsome adventure YET.
  12. I cant lie to you. It wasnt me.
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    Yea, they are eneloops. I definitely recommend them.
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    DANGIT, for real?!? I didn't even bother to look at that part, I used the assume method to determine that since I could play one JCave game I could play them all, and now I am sad... and apparently I'm genital fruit. WOE IS ME!
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    Welcome to my world of GGXXAC. I was playing a bunch with drew (kono walchuck) yesterday as AC dizzy. I can't even begin to list the amount of things that piss me off. I would say over half the changes they made from slash are not only negative, but blindingly silly. And they know this, which is why they are removing/heavily nerfing almost all of it. No shit Arcsys. He was playing aba, we were both at super jump height, we trade air heavy CH, and he gets full 90% combo. Certain moves are becoming unusuable because of slashback, and we have throw breaks flying all over the place like its going out of style. It looks horrible. Ugh there is so much bad, oh well. I am trying to get ramon to start playing it.
  16. It was a lesson I, too, had to learn. One that I shall never forget.
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    Yeah he did. Here was my full facebook post:

    Ugh. I just watched the third party debate. Larry King was there moderating, but the coordination was poorly done. So poor, that the opening statements were initially skipped -- obviously due to no rehearsals, nor a mention even in Kings notes! At first, everyone was passionately yelling their points during the allotted time and thus looked more like 'downtown dude on the corner soapbox' than President of the United States.

    I agree with every one of Gary Johnson's policies and prior to tonight was sure to vote for him. But... in this 'debate' he's yelling like a lunatic. And Virgil Goode sounds like a cagey mean-old-bastard from the mountaintop. Stien and Anderson fared better, and everyone calmed down and talked rationally several minutes in. But overall, it was embarrassing. I can't vote for these people. They don't seem Presidential.

    This is the second decade of the 21st century, an age where we've mastered DIY attitudes and no cost operations through the tools of the web and social media. Why on Earth can we not have a solid third party to contend with the machine of billionaire and corporate, SuperPAC backed Democrats and Republicans??
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    HEY! Just got the mail, and a lovely little package! Thank you my friend, you are the bee's knees.
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    I would agree with the inelegance, but with 60 odd characters that games are developing, horrible match-ups seem almost guaranteed.

    Honestly I don't mind different vitality stats, as it gives characters different feels. It always felt GREAT to finally nail Chipp with a 2H CH into huge combo. It wasn't easy, but the game rewarded you appropriately.

    Actually, the more I think about it, I don't mind life differences, though my idea would still be a last resort.
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    Ooh yeah, there is also a free GGAC for the PC out with GGPO. I hate AC, but I will make an exception to play with friends.
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    Sure, although perhaps more to help chars like cammy and t hawk.

    You know, the more I think about it, SF4 might end up being the standard fighting game of the next 5 years. And I'm not sure that bothers me.
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    HEY! Have you tried out P4A yet? I've been watching videos and it looks pretty slick, and I am actually starting to feel bad that I haven't played it yet. IS IT WORTH A DAMN?!?!
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    Ok, so, what about character health changing for matchups as a way to help with matchup balance? I know it would ruin the feel of the character, which is regrettable, but perhaps when all other options are exhausted, it seems like perhaps not a bad idea.
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    Happy Bday duuuuuuuuuude!
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