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    I want to say DQIII GBC.
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    I'm not good at all yet, only really tried with a couple of characters so far, but it's pretty fun. Would you care for some matches, sir?
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    So THIS is the power of the Monaaaaado.
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    because you hate all those games i really like!
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    Hey no problem! I'm hopefully going to pick up KoF one of these days and give it a shot, at which point I'll be happy to join you for some solid beatings.
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    Clean out your PM box por favor.
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    It's a messed up world we live in, my friend. Kittens don't help a damn thing.
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    I have to say, going back and rereading your proreview of Journey in the completion thread is just as wonderful as the first time. I wanted to try it, but you have convinced me that it may in fact give me an art attack. Which apparently only causes mild paralysis, so I may still bite the bullet in this one Oh, and goddamnit that I can't rep it again. I would rep it every day forever.
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    JEALOUS. Did he talk to you?
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    I thought Donk Donk was one of the easy perfects! Monkey Watch... now that's one i'd probably throw the Wii remote through the television over.
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    I don't know if i'll be able to get all perfects. Those remixes are tough!
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    What is it? What are you trying to show me? It's not loading...
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    UGH. By that i mean "Yes." I love the English dub SO MUCH.


    Were you one of those people who enjoy that Paper Moon movie?

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    she immediately replied. worked wonders.
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    Yeah... i don't like Batman at all, so i don't really know if i'll like it.
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    So that Batman is a really good Zelda? Maybe i'll try it after all...
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    Yeah the Estus Flasks are a HUGE improvement over the different grasses of Demon's, and like nearly everything they are upgradeable to where they restore more health, you can increase the amount any given bonfire gives you, and the animation for drinking them is long enough that you can punish a lot of people who try to use it online. And not having an item burden is such a wonderful little thing, it means everything is always available to you instead of having to access a storage unit every time you want something. Hopefully you finish with Batman soon, I'll be very interested to see what you think of the game after several hours!
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    If I recall, you were one of those who enjoyed Demon's Souls much more than I and actually did well in it where I failed. If this is the case, I simply cannot see you doing anything but having a blast with Dark Souls, minus the inherent frustrations that come with a game of it's ilk. I've gone back to Demon's since, and managed to get farther than I ever did before, partially in thanks to the things I learned in this game, which I think is a testament to how well done it is. I'm nearly done with my second playthrough, I could literally go have it done in 30 minutes but there's some stuff I want to do before I reset the world again. And then there's the other character I started. It honestly will take my GoTY easily, and I've played and enjoyed some seriously good games this year. With my 2 characters, I've got ~135 hours in, since what, Sept 22nd? With other games like Gears, Skyrim, Batman, BF3, SSF4, Blaz and Mahvel taking up serious time as well, I'd say that's a feat in and of itself. But I could really talk about it for way too long, so I'll just say GOOD CHOICE SIR! Enjoy the game and if you ever have any questions or get stuck or want to know anything about anything, don't hesitate to ask, I obviously enjoy talking about the game
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    I forgot to tell you! That Gameboy was here when i got back. It looks so nice! Thanks a lot!
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    You're welcome! Sorry your message bounced back, i need to clean out my inbox.
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    My old copy was the Funimation release from 5,000 years ago in the 90's where everything was censored and it was only through where they defeated Pilaf. There is some charm when Bulma's yelling that she has ants (instead of yelling about loosing her pantsu)
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    The arms of her jumpsuit poof out, she doesn't have popeye arms. Now i wonder if everyone thinks i drew her deformed... Eiko's clothes are really weird.
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