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    I don't think i ever saw Mon Colle Knights, but it might just be one of those things i forgot about. I actually just remembered, i'm pretty sure i saw one of the Ramune OVA series. I think so... College... so long... ago. I'll watch Ramune.
    There's so much good anime now, thanks to the availability of the old stuff. I'm glad people realized that 80s kids like old anime.
    Have you seen these guys- They have a bunch of Tezuka anime that i never expected to be translated in any form. They also have a Youtube channel and release stuff to Hulu

    i never thought i'd be able to watch Don Dracula...
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    I have never seen that. It looks like they wanted a good dose of Sherlock Hound and Nadia as well.

    Also that Da Cider... are you watching Lamune? I used to be into Akahori anime series like right after highschool and into college, back when email lists were a thing and finding anime on the internet wasn't quite yet a thing. I think the only Akahori anime series i even saw was Saber Marionette J. I always liked Da Cider and Heavy Metal Ko even though i've never seen their series...
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    I've only been reading Tezuka manga for a while now. I picked up the big box set of Nausicaa, though, since i foolishly sold my Nausicaa books a while ago. It's so good. why was i such a fool...
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    Oh, also that 19th century print looks really dang neat. I was typing that and forgot to post it here.
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    Just combine it all for a gunblade
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    Walther P38 like Lupin
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    I wish i knew who made this. It was on a NeoGaf post about the Breath of Fire 20th anniversary. It's PROBABLY PIXIV or some artist site that's dedicated to doujin and the artist cycles out old stuff OR was abandoned circa 1998, but it's really freaking cool
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    i'm not sure how worried you are about spoiling the music in Etrian IV, but here's the music for the 5th labyrinth:


    at about 1:50 it turns into a lost theme from a Galaxy Express movie that never happened. i can seriously here Tetsuro yelling, "MAETERU! MAAAAAETERUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"
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    Denver cat.
  10. Oh, man. I love posting conversations to myself.
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    Are there Yoshitaka Tamaki art books? I always thought his stuff was pretty interesting.
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    It's Barbara Goodson...

    WHO VOICED UNICO. Claire's voice is really cute and it sounds kind of familiar too.
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    It doesn't sound like it usually, but at 33:38 he really sounds like unico.
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    OH MY GOD.

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    Aaaand it's 42 minutes shorter than the original.
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    The entire thing...

    Most of the voice acting really isn't that bad. Maetel's voice is just weird, and i like Conductor's Ed Wynn impression. But Captain Warlock is just weird, as is Sundown McMoon instead of "Tochiro" or "Joey Hanna Canna Bobba Cananda Smith" instead of "Tetsuro Hoshino". And that they're saying "Nein Nein Nein" instead of "Three Nine". I actually like the replacement song better than the Go Diego one.
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    Click for full size
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    Ha ha ha ha, i just got that NobuNYAga thing.

    Also that opening was amazing.
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    Is Class of Heroes better than Wizardry in that respect? I really don't know because i did not get very far.
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    I had no hope for Class of Heroes 2, but i didn't really want that one in the first place! How about some Wizardry DS or 7th Dragon?

    And $500k is an enormous amount to ask for just for the box, considering people are asking for less than that to fund games from the ground up. I don't think he really gets how Kickstarter is supposed to work.
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    I can't even guess!
  24. Indeed. 2002 was a long ass time ago.

    Atlus announced the PSP upgraded port of Growlanser IV! It's got the good Growlanser 1-4 battle system. After the announcement I hit youtube to find some vids and I stumbled across this video for the Growlanser 1 PSP release.
    Oh, man. Growlanser 1 had Iwadare music? Must find soundtrack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by me in 2002
    Dad blast it! When will Galaxy Express 999 be available on dvd?
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