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    This was always one of my favorites...

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    oh wow that video. Had no idea that song wasn't created to be an OP.

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    oh god the dub

    the ruhmyunes
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    Back on that conversation from last year,

    (NSFW) i think that was the only Ramune series we got in my college days. It was pretty much just fanservice garbage. The song is catchy though. The ED was good too.
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    one day we'll say "remember how things used to be" and it'll really mean something
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    Ni no Kuni wouldn't have happened without the Ghibli tie, and i think they banked way too much on that even, especially when it initially bombed. It also has some of the most uninteresting B-tier Ghibli designs, the voice acting budget was just awful, and the entire game was in dire need of the extra budget to clean it up and balance the whole mess. Namco is sure churning out their Tales games though.
  8. View Conversation i feel like this is bad news for any game that isn't expected to sell nine drillion copies, so like last gen but worse.
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    i do like that...
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    ): Sony sucks. the reason i cling to nitendo so much these days is that they're the only one left and i don't know how much longer they'll last like this. Maybe forever! But maybe not. maybe Iwata will be thrown out and they'll become an awful shell of their former selves, slowly crumbling to irrelevance, like every other Japanese company seems to be doing now. mid-budget games are my favorite games...
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    ): Knack is offensive. i want to like the art style, but it's like Beyond Good and Evil with all the heart sucked out of it. Knack itself looks like an uglier version of Polygon Man
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    the 70s and 80s were the most magical times, all because of 70s and 80s japan
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    You were right! I really like that weird Green Cat one! Tezuka had the best manga, but his anime is always awful but somehow good. I guess that Lion Book series is for Tezuka (or whomever they paid a hundred yen to write an episode for that week) throwing crap at a wall to see what sticks.
    "So there's a cat... but, get this. IT'S GREEN. ACTUALLY IS ALIEN. BAD ALIEN MAKE CHILDS DO BAD THINGS?"
    "Sounds great, let's put it into production. No need to write a script, just tell the animators to make it."

    That Tony show looks like it might actually be good despite the lyrics being non-sequitur rambling.

    "Tony is a giiiiirrrrrrl, now i tell you birrrrllllll, Tony is a nut, wanna touch her butt, Paris is amazing"
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    my friend from Ukraine has Moomin magnets. She was surprised i knew what they were.
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    it's weird how all the tumblr kids know and love Moomin so much. I don't think i'd even heard of it until a few years ago, but every twee tumblr has a moomin post on it somewhere
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    wait, there was a series too... i thought it was just a film
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    That kid sure liked his Rubens paintings.
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    Yeah, Memories was GREAT.
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    That's your guts and i'm eating them.
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    um, i think you know but i'm being mostly facetious and not really mad, though it does give me a chance to explain what i like about it despite it being easy. i'm so tired right now...
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    But at least my reply to your post made it so GTA wasn't at the top
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    Whoa, racist. I bet you drink pop or coke or some other heathen abomination instead of soda.
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    Enemy. You're my enemy.
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    I don't know if you're being facetious or not! I remember being creeped out in 1998 when i picked up the j-release of the second compilation of Gunsmith Cats. I actually used to get the issues back when Dark Horse was releasing them, and somehow i missed the pedophilia for the Cobra GT500 car chases and the Riding Bean. The whole thing with Minnie May taking herbs to look 13 IS pretty creepy anyway.

    It's been more than a decade since i read any of it, so i don't know about any underlying themes.
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    You sure it wasn't Ian JQ? Rama's a really skinny fellow and Ian JQ is not. > Rama's been hanging out with ALL my favorite current artists and i'm pretty freaking jealous.
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