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    I know there are quite a few musicians on the board, and I'm always curious as to what kind of weird shit people use to make sounds. So, if you make any kind of music, show us what you use. Heres my current rig:

    1993 MIJ Jazzmaster - This thing was a real peice o shit when I got it, but now I'm totally in love with it. Swapped out the bridge with a Mustang bridge, added the buzzstop, and swapped out the pickups with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders. The bridge and buzzstop didn't make much difference other than keeping the strings from popping out of the saddles, but the pickups are extremely "hot" and make a world of difference.

    Pedalboard = Keeley modded Rat, Zvex FuzzFactory, Line6 FM4, EH Memory Man, Boss Tuner, Zvex Super Hard On.
    The Rat is my main distortion, its got the original germanium transistors and has way more bass response than the stock ones.

    Fuzz Factory is my noise/freak out pedal and causes people to frequently cover their ears when engaged. It seriously makes my amp sound like its on fire and about to explode. Definitely my favorite pedal.

    Line6 FM4 Filter/Synth modeler. Most of the presets on this thing are complete shit, but its got a few usable sounds. I mainly use the Mutron setting and the Ring Modulator for fucked up laser gun sounds.

    Electro Harmonix Memory Man The classic delay pedal. Amazing analog dirty ass delay. I love everything about this pedal, EXCEPT there is no LED to indicate when the effect is engaged, only when the pedal is powered on. This will probably get switched out for my Ibanez AD9 sometime soon.

    Super Hard On This pedal is absolutely essential if you use more than a couple pedals. It's a signal booster/splitter. I get a lot of signal loss considering I use so much shit, and this really helps keep my signal hot. Plus I use it to split to another amp.

    50 watt Ampeg Reverberocket This is my main amp. Its 50 watts, 2 12 inch speakers, 2 channels with tube driven reverb. The overdrive channel on this amp is great, and since it's only 50 watts I can really crank it. It has been acting up recently, and probably needs to be recapped.

    1974 Fender Super Reverb I don't use this amp as much as I should, but it's a 30 year old and I'm kind of afraid to take it out of the house. Its 45 watts, 4 10 inch speakers, and has reverb and vibrato. It has the most perfect clean tone I've ever heard, and the vibrato is absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, it is a silverface, so maybe I'll buck up and get a blackface mod for it someday.
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  2. ooooh, jelous of your Zvex gear man. Top pedals, though priced accordingly.

    Lets see,


    Rickenbacker 4003 - I fucking love this bass with all of my penis and soul. Incredible agressive mids and clanky attack, plays like a dream and looks like sex.

    Yamaha shitty cheap fretless - Bought for something to practice on and to muck
    around with. Really not that bad sounding, if a little styrafoamy

    OLP Stingray - My first decent bass, the electronics and action are fucked now though. Its good value.


    Fender 12 string acoustic - This sounds great and is really loud

    Cheap shitty acoustic - It sounds like shit but plays like a dream.


    Galien Kruger 400RB running through a GK 2x10 and an ashdown 1x15 - Hoping to replace this soon. Good setup for the size if a little cold sounding. GK amps are really agressive as far as solid state amps go.


    EHX US Big Muff - A classic, <3

    Sansamp programmable bass driver - This is my favorite pedal. Its basically a preamp with a nice Overdrive. Gives solid state stuff alot of warmth and can give a pretty convincing SVT tone. You can sound very toolesque with it, and it makes distortions sound like sex.

    Effector 13 Soda Meiser - My secret weapon. This thing destroys any tone you previously had and reduces your signal to the most chaotic, almost 8 bit sounding fuzz ever. They refer to it as a "no-fi" pedal lolz. I run it before my big muff which actually tames it, then into the sansamp, and I get the most scary, almost unmusical distortion (example).

    "Drive" distortion - $10 off ebay, sucks total balls.

    Boss DD3 delay - bought this off Josh <3. Fantastic delay

    Digitech Digidelay - ugh, sucks all of my tone. I've lost any confidence i once had for the digitech brand. Still would like to try a Whammy though.

    Boss TU2 Tuner - tuner, not much to say, also from Josh (he is a good trader lolz)

    EHX Bassballs - envelope filter. Neat sounding, though a bit of a one trick pony. I want to mod it.

    EHX Holy Grail - Reverb. People complain about tone suck from these, but I've had no problems. I really like it.

    EBS Octabass - Octave pedal for bassists. I don't think i'm running it with enough power, as the effect is way subtle, yet other people rant about how huge

    BBE Optostomp - Optical compressor. Not a fan.

    and a Zoom shitty multi-effects thing

    Also just bought an original Marshal Guv'nor, but it hasn't arrived yet.

    i'll post pics another time as i don't have any batteries in my camera atm, and my current photos are out of date.
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  3. Holy shit, those Effector 13 pedals are awesome! I can't believe I've never heard of them before.
    Have you ever checked out Death by Audio? Some of the custom built ones are really cool.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jed
    The Rat is my main distortion, its got the original germanium transistors and has way more bass response than the stock ones.

    ProCo Rat ftw. I used to use a "You Dirty Rat" for lead only. It is the same as the Rat with a built in compressor. I find the other one to be a little too messy to have distinguishable sound.

    Good call with the electro harmonix. I had an electro harmonix micro synth. Incredible moog sounds, but shoddily put together. It worked great after I took it apart and re-soldered all the connections.

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    I run three different setups.

    Fender Squire Jbass/Pbass Hybrid - I don't believe in expensive guitars. Every pricey guitar I've ever had I've completly destroyed. Besides... this is the best sounding bass i've ever played.

    Boss SYB-5 Bass Synth - Sounds like outer space and shit.

    Boss TU2 Tuner - Is there anyone that plays in a band that doesn't have this pedal?

    Orange AD200B - Nothing else out there sounds like an Orange.

    I run two cabs from my Orange.
    Ampeg SVT-15E - 1x15. Pushes out the boom boom.

    Fender 4x12 - Its a guitar cab, but who gives a fuck. Gives me nice, crisp high end.

    Fender Squire - One Seymore Duncan bridge pickup. One volume knob. No excess bullshit.

    Orange AD30TC - 30 watts of Class A British tube power.

    Two speaker cabinets here as well. an Orange 4x12 and an Orange 2x12.

    Alesis Micron The best analog modeling synth in its price range. I use this to make 8bit bleeps and bloops.

    Vox T-60 bass amp. I like a big, fat keyboard sound. This amp provides it without taking up too much space.

    I also have a "You Dirty Rat" and three or four other Boss distortion pedals that I don't use because I think distortion pedals are silly.

  6. Wow, how much did all the Orange stuff set you back? I'd LOVE to get a Rockerverb50, but I'm still trying to trick myself into thinking I could get something comparable for a lot less money. Maybe a Sovtek Mig50 or an Ampeg VT-22.

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    The AD200B was $2000. The AD30TC was $1300. The 4x12 was $1000 and the 2x12 was $750.

    I don't fuck around.

    And no, nothing else compares. Stop lying to yourself.

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    =/ what kind of speakers are in that 2X12. 750 for a 2x12 is bit pricey imo
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    Celestion Vintage 30's. Of course you're also paying for the look, and the name which I was more than happy to do.

    P.S. Stand in front of my stack with the volume at 11 (yes rly) and then tell me I overpaid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh
    P.S. Stand in front of my stack with the volume at 11 (yes rly) and then tell me I overpaid.

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