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Thread: TNL Wiki

  1. Holy shit I forgot the time Glitch left for three months because I destroyed him at Halo 2.

    I have good memories of Glitch, wonder why I wanted him gone at that point?

  2. I wonder what happened to Lhadatt?
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  3. I last had contact with Lhadhatt on AIM, but I know he's friends with Darquebishop, maybe I'll ask him if I see him around online somewhere.
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  4. The wiki is so much fun to go through, thanks for linking that station

  5. Not wiki-related, but I was looking through some old folders and found this. I don't know why I printed it, but I've scanned and uploaded it:

  6. Going to print that out and frame it. Sadly, my flying days are over.

  7. I still believe you can fly.
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  8. Haha, I've got a nicer(?) version of that at my rezo repository site:

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